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Red_Dress_2843b29.jpg14 views
_MG_8476_sm.JPGRecital1 views
Valerie_722.JPG25 views
_MG_8625_sm.JPGWestmoor Lady in Red5 views
_MG_2480b_sm.JPGDoll Pile!14 views
Aikanaro_Palace_with_Lights_4.jpg7 views
_MG_9410c_sm.JPGBase pictures for the County Fair shoot11 views
Scheherazade_2.jpgScheherazade8 viewsThis set of pictures was inspired by the DAZ character "EJ Karisma". The theme is from "1001 Arabian Nights".

Last additions
_MG_4117d_sm.JPGSusan G. Komen Race for the Cure0 viewsThis is for the race in downtown Toledo, OhioSep 23, 2018
_MG_4181d_sm.JPGThe Truest Believer0 viewsSep 23, 2018
_MG_4160d_sm.JPGThe Truest Believer0 viewsSep 23, 2018
_MG_4156d_sm.JPGThe Truest Believer0 viewsThis was for Jared Gilmore's campaign to help the Random Acts' Crisis Support NetworkSep 23, 2018
_MG_4137d_sm.JPGPlanetary Society0 viewsSep 23, 2018
_MG_4132d_sm.JPGPlanetary Society0 viewsI got these two tee shirts from the Planetary SocietySep 23, 2018
_MG_4106d_sm.JPGSusan G. Komen Race for the Cure Toledo0 viewsSep 23, 2018
_MG_4101d_sm.JPGSusan G. Komen Race for the Cure Toledo0 viewsThis was for the 2018 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Toledo, OhioSep 23, 2018

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