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_MG_0817b_sm.JPGToledo Botanical Gardens8 views
_MG_6274_sm.JPGFeodora from Incred's CoverDoll Shoot11 views
_MG_1202c_sm.JPG14 views
_MG_6916b_sm.JPGPennsylvania Countryside15 views
_MG_7871b_sm.JPGTrio la Arimecibo6 views
_MG_3678d_sm.JPG"Stay Wicked * My Pretty"36 viewsRebecca Mader's fundraiser for Lollipop Theater movies for hospitalized children.
_MG_6746b_sm.JPGSaloon gal8 viewsDottie with Pinky and Snuggles.
_MG_0907d_sm.JPGMorning portrait49 viewsI did this as part of a set for the November 2015 Photo Challenge.

Last additions
T7_MG_1501a_sm.JPGEsther Dress59 viewsMay 29, 2020
T7_MG_1495a_sm.JPGEsther Dress21 viewsI got this dress from the Dressember 2019 clearance sale.May 29, 2020
T7_MG_1475a_sm.JPGI Believe In Women11 viewsMay 29, 2020
T7_MG_1474a_sm.JPGI Believe In Women10 viewsThis tank top was part of the Dressember 2019 clearance sale.May 29, 2020
T7_MG_1408a_sm.JPGDressember 5k17 viewsMay 11, 2020
T7_MG_1403a_sm.JPGDressember 5k19 viewsMay 11, 2020
T7_MG_1400a_sm.JPGDressember 5k20 viewsMay 11, 2020
T7_MG_1392a_sm.JPGDressember 5k19 viewsMay 11, 2020

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