Arimecibo Island Photo Gallery

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_MG_0172d_sm.JPGHalloween 201537 views"Kitana" costume from "Mortal Kombat". These pictures were taken for the October 2015 Photo Challenge "Trick or Treat"
_MG_0206d_sm.JPGHalloween 201531 views
_MG_0244d_sm.JPGHalloween 201528 views
_MG_0269d_sm.JPGHalloween 201526 views
_MG_0275d_sm.JPGHalloween 201526 views
_MG_0287d_sm.JPGHalloween 201528 views
_MG_0307d_sm.JPGHalloween 201531 views
_MG_0337d_sm.JPGHalloween 201525 views
_MG_0340d_sm.JPGHalloween 201525 views
_MG_0372d_sm.JPGHalloween 201529 viewsThis is the lighting arrangement that I used for this set.
_MG_0907d_sm.JPGMorning portrait29 viewsI did this as part of a set for the November 2015 Photo Challenge.
_MG_0915d_sm.JPGMorning portrait31 views
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