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Most viewed - Dollstock 2013
_MG_1731c_sm.JPGDollstock 201339 viewsThank you, Polaroid for designing this year's cake top!
_MG_1764c_sm.JPGDollstock 201337 viewsWhat would you like to drink?
_MG_1760c_sm.JPGDollstock 201336 viewsLet me tell you about the time ...
_MG_1762c_sm.JPGQuiet time36 views
_MG_1766c_sm.JPGDollstock 201336 viewsThis guy I work with is a real ...
_MG_1751c_sm.JPGDollstock 201335 viewsThree lovely ladies.
_MG_1756c_sm.JPGDollstock 201335 views
_MG_1763c_sm.JPGLineup 135 views
_MG_1752c_sm.JPGDollstock 201334 viewsThree lovely ladies.
_MG_1755c_sm.JPGDollstock 201334 viewsOh, my! Did I remember to turn off the oven?
_MG_1758c_sm.JPGDollstock 201334 viewsIsh it cloooosin time yeet?
_MG_1759c_sm.JPGDollstock 201334 viewsOh! My tummy!
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