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Most viewed - Feodora Set 1
_MG_6511_sm.JPGFeodora in Her Shipping Crate79 viewsThe "door" was not hinged, but secured in place with wood screws.
_MG_6539_sm.JPGBeautiful Feodora74 viewsAt the doll meet, Feodora towered over the other dolls. She is the Amazon of the doll meet.
_MG_6506_sm.JPGComing Home73 viewsOffloading crate from my pickup truck. I hand-built a moving platform (seen upside down) to move large, heavy objects before I moved out of the city to this house.
_MG_6531_sm.JPGFeodora meets Dixie and Esperanza73 viewsFeodora is introduced to Dixie and Esperanza. What is the first thing on their minds? Shopping trip!!!!
_MG_6527_sm.JPGComing Home71 viewsFeodora with the presentation scroll and a pet, her new puppy "Shunka".
_MG_6519_sm.JPGComing Home70 viewsFull length shot of Feodora with the presentation scroll and a pet, her new puppy "Shunka".
_MG_6537_sm.JPGAnatomical Doll gift bag contents70 viewsThe gift bag contains Silicone Part 1, Silicone Part 2, a tube of Sil-Poxy, an S hook, a small of Smirnoff Vodka (oh, yeah!), a vaginal douche bottle, and the power supply for the heater (if that option is ordered).
_MG_6507_sm.JPGComing Home69 viewsMoving crate into the house
_MG_6508_sm.JPGComing Home69 viewsRolling crate into the house
_MG_6510_sm.JPGComing Home69 viewsTypical closed crate shot.
_MG_6525_sm.JPGComing Home69 viewsFeodora with the gift bag from Anatomical Doll
_MG_6513_sm.JPGNeckbolt Crate Mount67 viewsThis is at the inside back of the shipping crate. It is how the Anatomical Doll is secured during shipping.
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