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_MG_6511_sm.JPGArrival at home.116 viewsThis is Feodora in her shipping crate.noquiexis00000
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_MG_6519_sm.JPGFeodora with Shunka101 viewsFeodora with Shunka and Presentation scroll.noquiexis00000
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_MG_6525_sm.JPGFeodora with Shunka111 viewsOleg's gift bag contain Feodora's heater and maintenance kit.noquiexis00000
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_MG_6527_sm.JPGFeodora's pet dog, "Shunka"104 viewsnoquiexis00000
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_MG_6531_sm.JPGShopping trip112 viewsFeodora is introduced to American shopping by Esperanza and Dixie.noquiexis00000
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_MG_6537_sm.JPGAnatomical Doll maintenance kit87 viewsThese supplies are for cleaning and minor repairs.noquiexis00000
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_MG_6538_sm.JPGWelcome home!75 viewsClose-up viewnoquiexis00000
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_MG_6539_sm.JPGWelcome home!74 viewsClose-up viewnoquiexis00000
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_MG_6543_sm.JPGShipping clothes90 viewsThis is the nightie that Oleg put on her when she left Vladivostok, Russia. The nylons were given to her by Camp or incred.noquiexis00000
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