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Shard & Shield
« on: July 18, 2019, 12:13:28 PM »
Shard & Shield

     For the launch of her new book Shard & Shield, author Laura Van Arendonk Baugh offered a sweet deal for those who pre-ordered -

"a special advance purchase swag bag with:
◾cool new character art
◾a full-color digital map of Chrenada and the surrounding lands
◾a prequel story (novelette, really)
◾and most exciting, you’ll help [a charity*] fight human trafficking and chattel slavery, as [see important charity update].

"It was through research for Shard & Shield that I actually first learned of how persistent and prevalent slavery still is. So let’s celebrate the book’s release by doing something about that." - Laura VAB

*International Justice Mission (IJM)

     Laura had a contest for those who sent in (forwarded) a proof-of-purchase email.
"By sending that email, you’ll also be entered to win one of three limited-edition collections of loot:
◾a small crystal Shard fragment of your own
◾a lovely printed map
◾gorgeous character cards featuring that cool new art (they look like bubble gum trading cards)
◾a personalized signed paperback of Shard & Shield" - Laura VAB

Right-click to open larger images in a new tab or window.

"To the lovely Feodora and Terry - Always be brave! Laura VAB"

The swag, crystal (lower center of the map), and signed paperback.

Feodora and noquiexis with the signed paperback and Kindle book cover

     I did not have another necklace chain, so I hung the crystal on one of the four Dogeared necklaces by using a paper staple. Feodora is also wearing the ever-present Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon from Avon. We are both wearing the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital magnetic logo pins.

     Feodora is wearing Jennifer Morrison's "Be the hero of your own story" tee shirt. I put that on her specifically for this Thank You picture. I am wearing one of the annual Komen Toledo Race for the Cure tee shirts. This is the picture that I sent to Laura.

     I support Dressember, which supports International Justice Mission (IJM) and others through their Grant Partner program. When I read of the Laura's promise to donate $2 to IJM for every preorder, I made a special donation to IJM. When I read about Laura's legal complications ("No good deed ever goes unpunished."), I made another donation to IJM.

8) :D 8)
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