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Website format change
« on: November 05, 2019, 08:54:47 AM »
     Effective January 1, 2020 the website will have a change in format. Nudity will no longer be allowed on this website. This includes the Arimecibo Island Forum, the Magnus Bay Colony Forum, and the galleries for both. The User Agreement ("Terms of Service") will be updated to reflect this change. By continuing to use this website, all current and future members will be bound by the new User Agreement.

     Current members are asked to remove nude pictures from their galleries and forum posts. Nude pictures that remain after January 1, 2020 will be removed by the website owner (noquiexis).

     In keeping with the new format, references to other doll-related websites will be removed. It is my intention to transform this entire website into a "family friendly" and "work safe" environment.

     It was never my intention to allow nudity on this website. I only did so when the Our Doll Community website went dark in November 2016. My original intent for this website was to make a backup for the Personal Web Pages that my Internet Service Provider used to offer. They discontinued that policy years ago. Had Our Doll Community not experienced problems staying online, this website would not have launched until January 1, 2016.

     I was made aware of, and began to support Dressember in late 2017. Dressember is one of many organizations that work to eliminate human slavery and sex trafficking. Maintaining a website that promotes the soft pornography of naked dolls (representative of naked humans) is inconsistent with my work to support anti-sex-trafficking. Doing so is hypocritical.

     My four-year subscription to the current web host (WebHopstingPad) runs out in November 2020. When that happens I will be moving the website to a new web host. I do not want to be bound by the "Adult Content' restriction imposed by some web hosts.

     WebHopstingPad has found new and creative ways to restrict my use of my own website. Most recently I have been (temporarily) IP blocked by "the server firewall" (a phony excuse if you ask me) almost anytime I access the gallery or try to upload new pictures. In addition to that, WebHopstingPad (and consequently has been blacklisted by a few web hosts as  porn web host. Some here have never received any of the e-mails sent out by the forum. This includes the registration activation e-mail.

     This is a very low-traffic website. Most of the time when I log into the forums, I am the only one logged in, with maybe 3 guests, if any. If anyone desires to leave the website, they wont miss much.

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