What is Arimecibo Island?

      Arimecibo Island is a fictional location in the Pacific Ocean. It is located at 12° 43' 51" North lattitude by 135° 27' 12" West longitude, about 1400 miles South Sotheast of Honolulu, Hawaii. It isn't much of an island, as that it is completely submerged at high tide. I 'discovered' the island while writing my as-yet-unfinished novel.

      In the course of writing the novel, I visited a few websites devoted to sailing. Someone (I don't remember who) said there is an island as I described it at that location. It is only marked on naval charts as a hazard to navigation. I should get official confirmation from the US Navy, but I don't know where to start. Who knows Pacific waters better than the US Navy?

      I started writing the novel sometime in 1988 or 1989. My wife and I were having some problems which eventually led to our first divorce. (We got remarried, then re-divorced. I am a slow learner!) The novel was part of the "occupational therapy" that I did to try to hang on to my sanity. It is up to those who know me to judge whether or not that was successfull.

      The novel is based on a dream that I had in May of 1973. I found myself on the deck of a three-mast sailing ship somewhere in the South Pacific. It was a powerful dream, and I wrote down the dertails as soon as I woke up. I wanted to make sure that I did not forget anything that happened.

      I had a schoolmate named "Edmundo". I liked that name so much that I used it for my pen name, "Edmund". The Spanish word for "dreamer" is "sonador". Since this dream was so powerful, I chose "Sonador" as part of my pen name. One of the characters in the novel (an Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) first appeared to sailors on a ship in the Spanish fleet of 1529. Because of some confusion, this character appeared as a creature somewhat like a crab, but more like a giant spider. "She" eventually took the form of a human female, and chose the name "Araņa" (Spanish for "spider"). Araņa and others of her race built Arimecibo Island at the location described above, with the intention of using it as their outpost on Planet Earth.

      Since the days of my youth, I have been interested in photography. Sometime in 2008, I decided to look for a mannequin to do studio photography. Quite by accident, I discovered life-sized dolls. I had always thought of these as gag gifts or prank gifts given to unsuspecting friends. What I saw just blew me away! The inflatable doll product had come a long way.

      A fellow by the name of Matt McMullen in San Marcos, California had engineered and produced what he called the RealDoll. A hobby website had sprung up for owners of these dolls, and was welcoming those who wanted, but did not have, a RealDoll. The website expanded to include life-sized dolls produced by other manufacturers. Differences between some of the members caused a few to split off and build their own websites. One of these is Our Doll Community. The story of how that happened in on the Arimecibo Island Forum.

      Our Doll Community (ODC) was built "KA", by a fellow that had served in the United States Navy. Problems in the early days of that website led me to put the same software on my home computer, so that I could give advice to those who were in management. My home installation (localhost) was not accessible from the internet, but it operated the same way. To give it a name, I chose to name it the "Arimecibo Island Forum".

      Fast-forward to November 2016. KA decided to upgrade the service for the ever-growing Our Doll Community and bought what I believe is a dedicated server at the same web host. Our Doll Community would be offline for an hour or so while the web host did a server migration. Because they had some rookie handle that, Our Doll Community was offline for four days. There was a meeting in progress in Texas, and the folks there might have needed ODC to co-ordinate activities between members. Other than that, it was just a major annoyance to the rest of the membership. Some thought that the website had tanked permanently.

      I have what is called "Member pages" at my Internet Service Provider (ISP). I have my own 'website' there with some pictures and a few HTML web pages. The greatest majority of my pictures are hosted at ODC, with a smaller amount hosted by the Canon iMage Gateway website. Looking through some help pages for my ISP, I saw that they stopped offering "Member pages" with new accounts in July of 2016. Not that I was worried, but I thought there might be a possibility that the ISP would ask the rest of us to find a new web home, too.

      I had already toyed with the idea of putting the Arimecibo Island Forum on a live website. The problems that we had at ODC had me already looking for an alternate web host for them. It was a simple matter to go over my notes to find a suitable web host for myself. The server migration FUBAR at ODC was enough to spur me into taking the plunge.

      "Through a mirror darkly" is a phrase from Christian teaching. It is said that Man was created in the image of God, but that Man is a poor reflection of that image. It is like looking at yourself in a bad mirror. Arimecibo Island is not a mirror website for ODC, although I have built it to have the same look and feel of that website. The web host that I chose does not allow miror software, and it would be nigh impossible to manually keep this website current with ODC. I expect this to be a low-traffic website, so I will not be 'stealing' any of the ODC membership. Basically, this website is here as a fall-back position in the event of another outage at ODC.

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