Adventures on the Holodeck 12
Captain's Log: September 19, 2016

Back to School
from: Back to School (DAZ gallery)

      Our online group is doing a "Back to School" theme this month. Rather than do just one picture, I decided to do an entire photo shoot around the theme. I doubt that neither the Toledo area schools nor the University of Toledo would look kindly on me taking Feodora to a classroom or one of their libraries. Instead I used a couple of DAZ models.

The Classroom
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Classroom 3 Camera 1

Classroom 3 Camera 3

Classroom 3 Camera 9

Classroom 3 Camera 13

The Vaulted Hall Library

      I do not use DAZ Studio enough to get good at it, and I had to re-learn some things to finish these pictures. The Classroom pictures took me part of a day to set up. The library pictures took a solid week, mostly because the program crashed a few times when I overloaded it. It took me the better part of three days to render the pictures before I could even start the photography of Feodora. A third of the pictures do not have Feodora in them. I got lazy toward the end!

Vaulted Library Camera 1

Vaulted Library Camera 2

Vaulted Library Camera 3

Vaulted Library Camera 4

      This was a bit tricky in that my computer does not have enough memory for the Vaulted Hall, the furniture, bookshelves, the books, the DAZ people and all that goes with them. I had to set up the Vaulted Hall, the furniture, and the bookshelves twice.

Vaulted Library Camera 5

Vaulted Library Camera 6

Vaulted Library Camera 7

Vaulted Library Camera 8

      One set had the Vaulted Hall, the furniture, the bookshelves, and the books, but no people. That was my Background layer in Photoshop. The other set has the Vaulted Hall, the furniture, the empty bookshelves (so I can correctly align the layers). I added the DAZ people, their hair, clothes, shoes, and jewelry. This was my Layer 1 in Photoshop. I combined these layers in Photoshop by taking out the empty bookshelves, being careful not to erase any parts of the people standing in front of them.

Vaulted Library Camera 9

Vaulted Library Camera 10

Vaulted Library Camera 11

Vaulted Library Camera 12

      Once I had all of that done, I took the pictures of Feodora in the apartment living room. (Other photographers "capture images". I am old-fashioned, so I still "take pictures". ) I used the DAZ pictures as a reference to get the angles right in the pictures of Feodora. I added Feodora in on a third Photoshop layer by earsing everything that was not her in the living room, and everything of Feodora that was behind the furniture in the Background layer. In one picture, you can see her feet under the library table. I did not have Feodora sitting for any of the pictures, so I used part of another picture on a fourth Photoshop layer by taking out everything above her feet. Parts of the table are in front of her feet, so I erased the parts of her feet that are behind the table parts.

Vaulted Library Camera 13

Vaulted Library Camera 14

Vaulted Library Free Standing Bookshelf Camera 1

Vaulted Library Free Standing Bookshelf Camera 2

      I do not buy a lot of DAZ clothes because I have such a hard time getting them to fit if the figures do anything but stand. As it turns out, The Vaulted Library scenes turned into a Fifties Fest! This might seem like a lot of work for a hobby, but what else do I have to occupy my time?

Vaulted Library Table Camera 1

The rest of my DAZ galleries can be seen here.

      I did not create these background models. The fair use agreement does not specify that the source models be listed, but other DAZ users might wish to get some for themselves.

      I used these DAZ building models in the pictures:
   Interiors The Classroom
   Classroom Furniture
   Vaulted Hall Library Bundle

      If you look through the User Galleries you will see many pictures that are more well done than I have produced. Still, it is a fun hobby!


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