Adventures on the Holodeck 14
Captain's Log: February 23, 2017

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      This set of pictures was inspired by the DAZ character EJ Karisma. The theme is from 1001 Arabian Nights. Scheherazade "is a character and the storyteller in One Thousand and One Nights. This book includes the tales of Aladdin, Ali Baba and many more."

Feodora: "I must be dreaming! Where in the world am I?"
Jeannie: "You are in the palace of Shahryar, ruler of the Persian Empire"

Feodora: "I feel a bit overdressed. I wish I had changed clothes!"

Jeannie: "Granted! Your clothes will be ever changing!"

Feodora: "That could be useful!"

Feodora: "What place is this?"
Jeannie: "This is the Oasis of Zayn Al-Asnam. It is a popular resting place for the caravans."

Feodora: "Who is that, and why is he checking out that girl's butt?"
Jeannie: "That is Prince Zayn Al-Asnam. He is inspecting these twin sisters to see if they are fit for the King's harem."

Feodora: "What happens if the girls are not up to the King's standards?"
Jeanie: "Then they will be offered to the Prince. He may choose to keep one or both of them."

Feodora: "Sounds like the girls have little choice in the matter."
Jeannie: "They volunteered for this honor. Otherwise they would have to find employment elsewhere."

Feodora: "My guess is that there are not many jobs available in this part of the world."
Jeannie: "You guess correctly! My bottle is not much, but it is better than some places where young women live and work."

Other DAZ models used:
Shaded Sanctuary
Wish Granter Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Arabian Prince Outfit for Genesis 3 Male(s)
Genie bottle

      This project took more work than I had anticipated. The DAZ scene took a little while to set up. The palace windows should have had transparent glass, but they rendered opaque. I had to edit out the glass in Photoshop. I managed to miss one window along the way (number 5). It may have been on a Photoshop layer that I forgot to hide during the final save. I may do that one again and upload the changed picture.

      I set 20 cameras in a circle around the palace interior. DAZ took two hours to "optimize images" before the first render started. Once that was set up, each picture took about an hour to render. I discovered new tweaks to the EJ Karisma character along the way, and rendered some of the pictures twice.

      I did two photo shoots over a three day period. The first shoot involved 69 pictures. The second shoot took 79 pictures. I settled on nine DAZ images for my photo story, so I only used nine of the 148 pictures. I may use some of the other pictures for future projects.


The rest of my DAZ galleries can be seen here.

      If you look through the User Galleries you will see many pictures that are more well done than I have produced. Still, it is a fun hobby!


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