Adventures on the Holodeck 5
Captain's Log: March 15, 2012

Feodora and Reby Sky in the Mansion

      I rendered a few pictures from the "unhaunted" Haunted Mansion set (Christmas Past for the Haunted Mansion). You may notice a few snowflakes carved into the wood in some areas. I also used the Christmas Past Expansion, which means that I had to get other expansion packs to make this one work. Note: I am not a DAZ3D salesperson, and I receive no credit for these links. They are provided only for the curious.
Click on pictures for a larger version.

Camera 11

      Reby Sky is "an American glamour model, radio and television personality, photographer, dancer and professional wrestler" who has licensed her face and figure for this model. To me, she is similar in appearance to Jennifer Sky, who I first saw on an episode of the Charmed TV series. (They are not related.) The Reby Sky model is a morph (a word fashioned from metamorphasis) of the Victoria 4 model, so the V4 Morphing Fantasy Dress more or less fits her. I had to tweak a couple of settings to get it to fit correctly.

Camera 10

      One of the nice things about these models is that once you get them, you can use the props and parts of the model in other models. I could replace one of the doorways with the window or fireplace from The Study. I could use the walls from these models to build my own room, which I might do. I may be able to use the Reby Sky hair on a Victoria 4 model.

      The expansion pack for this particular set came with props that were "preset", which means that I did not have to figure out where to put them. I placed a dozen cameras in the scene. This makes it easier to get about, and gives me fixed viewing locations that I could save for future work.

Camera 8

      I rendered these pictures after I did the photography of Feodora. Once I saw what the room looked like and placed my cameras, I knew what kind of photos I wanted. Altogether I took 92 photos, from which I selected a handful to use with Photoshop.

Camera 9, Red Dress

      Once again, I had to do a lot of meticulous pixel editing to get between the spaces in the flowers that Feodora is holding. I had previously looked into the Chroma key greenscreen and bluescreen process, which allows you to edit out backgrounds with just a few mouse clicks. When the subject came up in chat, I took another look. Both times I thought that it was more expense than I wanted to bear.

      The picture above and the one below are the same scene. The only change I made was the dress that the Reby Sky character is wearing. I would rather have stayed with red, but the open weave texture only comes in blue and black. As you can see from the way that the Reby Sky character is posed, she is Feodora’s mannequin! Feodora is much too bright for these pictures. I will have to work on that.

Camera 9, Blue Dress
I should have used the black open weave outfit on Feodora for this picture.
It would go well with the blue dress.

Camera 3

Everhard's "Film Noir" retouching. Nicely done!

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