Adventures on the Holodeck 6
Captain's Log: March 25, 2012

Gazebo of Mog Ruith

      These images use the Gazebo of Mog Ruith and one of the Multiplane Cyclorama backgrounds. I was going to use another of these backgrounds, but I really like the waterfall! 'Mog Ruith' was the one-eyed Celtic God of the Sun. He rode through the sky in a shining bronze chariot, and was believed to bless those that adorned his name.

Camera 1

      With the exception of the gazebo and the three plants around it, everything else was loaded with one click when I loaded this set into the scene. Until I created a distant light for this scene, the grass looked totally black at a low viewing angle. A higher viewing angle would be possible, but it would not have provided the effect that I wanted for these pictures. I still do not have a good understanding of shadows, but the light did make some on parts of the gazebo.

Camera 2

      The Multiplane Cyclorama backgrounds are very similar to photographer's seamless paper backgrounds.

Savage Economy Background Support System

      Unlike the paper in the Savage illustration above, this particular scene has a flat floor. The back wall is separate and is set on the floor, quite a way from the back edge of the floor. It is curved 180.

      Care must be taken when placing objects close to the background so that shadows do not fall on the "air" if there are open spaces. The top of the background is only slightly above the top of these pictures. I had to scale the gazebo down to about a third to get it under the top line of the back wall. Feodora was scaled to make her appear to be about half way from the camera to the gazebo.

Camera 3

      Another problem disussed on the DAZ forum is the area where the 'floor' bends upward to become the back wall. Because of that bend, there is a 'hump' distortion in this area. This is especially noticable near the edges of the scene.

      I could have set Feodora inside the gazebo. I may do that in a future picture.

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