Adventures on the Holodeck 8
Captain's Log: October 20, 2015

Happy Halloween from DAZ 3D

      Here are a couple of videos that were made using DAZ Studio. Stonemason made the new one. They are short and fun to watch. After that there are some links to my galleries at DAZ.

Happy Halloween from DAZ 3D (2015)

Halloween Dance DAZ Studio & Genesis

My DAZ gallery index

Redhouse Christmas Carol
(see the DAZ model here
I also used the Redhouse Christmas Carol Exp 1)

Redhouse Sweet Shoppe
(see the DAZ model here)

Feodora is a manikin that I Photoshopped into the DAZ renders. I also have the DAZ character named "Feodora".

The Study
(see the DAZ model here
I also used The Study Expansion Pack
and The Study Expansion Pack 2)

The Mansion
(see the DAZ model here)
This model was sold as "The Haunted Mansion", but I took out the spooky stuff for these pictures.

      I used small image sizes to facilitate faster page loading. Click on any image for a larger size (better image quality) in a new window.

      The Digital Art Zone (DAZ or DAZ3D) has a program called Bryce named after Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce is a program that will "allow new users to quickly create and render stunning 3D environments" from scratch using wireframe primitives to which you can apply textures. Another program called Hexagon allows you to "create detailed 3D models ready for final render". I managed to acquire all of these programs while they were still free. Finally, they have Carrara, which I did not purchase. The Wikipedia page for Carrara gives the history of this and the Hexagon package.

      Mostly I use a program called DAZ Studio. It uses complete models (buildings, grounds, people, other characters, and props) that you can place in a scene. The DAZ Studio engine is free, and they do give away free models from time to time. "Platinum Club" members get a free model every week. A few times a year they also get batches of models either free or at a greatly reduced cost.

      Not only can I build a set (interior, exterior, or a combination of both), but I can control the camera angle and lighting. My computer is not powerful enough to do the high-end stuff, let alone video. If I hit the lottery, I might be able to afford that kind of system. Still, it gives me the chance to create scenes for places that I would never be able to visit in reality.
NOTE: I use Windows 7 (64 bit) as my working environment. I installed Windows 10 (64 bit) on another hard drive to evaluate that Graphic User Iinterface (GUI) system. I cannot get OpenGL version 1.3 on this system. DAZ Studio will not start on this computer system under Windows 10.

L_Orangerie and Skull Cove

      These three pictures were made using the L_Orangerie texture over the Conservatory model from DAZ3D.

      These next two pictures were made using the Skull Cove Complete Bundle from DAZ3D.

      These are all relatively inexpensive software packages and there are a few things that are difficult. I have had a hard time getting some of the clothes to fit the people models without skin showing through. This condition is called "poke through". Most clothing comes with adjustable "bones" to help make them fit better. More experienced users take these problems in stride, but they can be frustrating to "newbies". If you look through the User Galleries you will see many pictures that are more well done than I have produced. Still, it is a fun hobby!

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