Adventures on the Holodeck 9
Captain's Log: November 14, 2015

Voyage of Discovery - Part 1

As you may recall, Feodora was reading in "The Study". She found an ancient text about Atlantis.

She was trying to sound out a curious line of the text when all of a sudden ...


Arrival at Atlantis

"Where in the world am I? The book said that Atlantis was destroyed."

"Hello! Can you tell me where I am?"

"I do not think that she can hear me."

Observing the Operator

"She seems to be frozen in time."

"I cannot make any sense out of these symbols."

Exploring Atlantis

"Maybe I can find someone else who can help me find my way around."

"This looks like the hood ornament on Trixie's old jalopy."

Inside the temple

"No temple guards, no worshipers. Strange."

"I wonder what they used this for?"

"Beautiful artistry and craftsmanship! Noq would love to have some pictures if this!"

"Sooner or later I will have to wake up from this dream."

      I did not create these background models. The fair use agreement does not specify that the source models be listed, but other DAZ users might wish to get some for themselves.

¥ The Study
(too many other models to list)
Atlantida Temple
Atlantida Temple Props
Atlantida Portal
Atlantida Monument

      If you look through the User Galleries you will see many pictures that are more well done than I have produced. Still, it is a fun hobby!


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