Vacation at Arimecibo

     The girls decided that they wanted to take a break from the studio, and wanted to go to a tropical island.

      I suggested that we all go to Arimecibo, an island that I 'discovered' while writing my as-yet-unfinished novel. Arimecibo is located at 12 43' 51" North lattitude by 135 27' 12" West longitude, about 700 miles South Sotheast of Honolulu, Hawaii. It isn't much of an island, as that it is completely submerged at high tide.


     I wanted to make sure they were comfortable and well prepared for the trip, and of course, they wanted to do some shopping while we were there.


      The girls were fitted out with purses, hats and sunglasses for a fun day in the sun.


      I told them that they could shop freely, but not to buy more than they could put in their purses.


      The girls conspired againt me to get more shopping space.
Trixie said, "You can't seriously experct us to only get what will go in these little bags!"
Dixie seconded that opinion,"You ain't just whistling Dixie, Trixie! Let's get some bigger shopping bags!"


      We stopped along the way at a little street vendor's place for some cool drinks. Dixie wanted to play with the pinwheel. Trixie found a cute little tropical handbag.


      Farther down the way, we found a cafe. The girls had some ice cream and white wine. After that the waiter brought them a dish of fig bars. I think he had an eye for Dixie!


      I asked Trixie to show us what she bought. She said it was just something to remember our cruise.


      Dixie said, "That waiter keeps making eyes at me! Do you think I'm getting a tan?"
      Trixie said, "I can't tell. Let's take off our sunglasses and see if we have any tan lines."


      Just when the girls were getting ready to leave, the waiter brought them another helping of ice cream!

      Dixie said, "Well, we don't want to be rude, do we? Let's stay and finish the ice cream!"
      Trixie said, "Let's do! We can walk off the calories on the way back!"

We had a great time at Arimecibo!


      Trixie is wearing the Red Ruffle Dress, Island Vibe Long Necklace, Island Vibe Hoop Earrings, Island Vibe Bracelet, Sparkling Flowers Filigree Cuff Watch, Island Vibe Anklet, Aviator Sunglasses, Open Weave Floppy Hat. She also carries the Metallic Cross Body Bronze Purse and the Naturals Tropical Tote (all from Avon). She is wearing the Aurora wig (color 12/30BT) from Jon Renau, and her shoes are the White Stag silver ballet flats from Wal Mart.

      Dixie is wearing the Black Twist Front Dress, Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Necklace, Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Earrings, Two Tone Butterfly Bangle Watch, and Aviator Sunglasses. She also carries the Metallic Cross Body Gold Purse (all from Avon). She is wearing the Selena wig (color 24BT18) from Jon Renau, a hat from Wal Mart, and her shoes are the White Stag black ballet flats from Wal Mart.

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