Vacation at Arimecibo - Day 2

The next day the girls wore some of the clothes that they bought earlier.


      The girls wanted to go back to the little cafe that we visited before. Dixie wanted to see if her favorite waiter was there. He was, and he fell all over himself trying to impress Dixie! I think the blonde hair really turned him on!


He brought them their drinks ...


And some more drinks ...


And still more drinks!

      Dixie said, "Our waiter is going to wear himself out! And every time he comes over, he leans just a little closer!"
      Trixie said, "I think he's trying to rub his hand against your breasts. Watch when he comes back again! Let's get some more ice cream!"


Raoul, our waiter brought their ice cream, and another round of drinks!


      Trixie said, "We should have had some food before dessert, especially with all these drinks!
      Dixie quoted, "Life is short! Eat dessert first! I wonder if they have pizza here on the island?"


      Trixie said, "I am never going to be thirsty again! I think I'm starting to slosh!"
      Dixie said, "I believe Raoul is trying to get us sloshed! I hope he doesn't get into trouble!" Raoul asked Dixie if he could take their picture, and she politely agreed.


Trixie said, "It's getting warm in here. I need to take my hat off."
Dixie said, "I want to take my top off! Don't worry, I have my sun suit underneath!"
Trixie said, "That might not be a good idea! With all these drinks, Raoul might want you to take it all off!"
>Dixie said, "Well, maybe you're right! I don't want to get his hopes up!"

      Trixie said, "If you take your top off, you might get up more than his hopes!" The girls had a good laugh about that! I almost dropped my camera!


The girls had a good chat while they ate their pizza.

After all those drinks, they thought they should have a second slice of pizza.

      Raoul had been gone for a little while, and the girls were wondering if he was having a chat with the cafe owner.


      In fact, Raoul was having a chat with the cafe owner, but when he returned, he was very happy. He said that the girls' dinner and drinks were 'on the house'. For a moment, Dixie was worried about why they got dinner and drinks for free.


      We found out that the reason for all the drinks is that the island is having a festival. Raoul had entered the girls in the "Island Princess" contest, and they won! They were both very pleased, and by now slightly intoxicated!


They both received crowns, wands, and candy!


Dixie said, "Promise me anything, but give me chocolate!"


      They also received passes to a free island cruise and a two night stay in one of the beachfront bungalos.


      Needless to say, the girls were both very happy with themselves. I know I'll be hearing about it for at least a month!

Altogether we had another great day on this lovely island.


      Trixie is wearing the Island Vibe Top, Island Vibe Long Necklace, Island Vibe Hoop Earrings, Island Vibe Bracelet, Sparkling Flowers Filigree Cuff Watch, Island Vibe Anklet, Aviator Sunglasses, Open Weave Floppy Hat. She carries the Naturals Tropical Tote (all from Avon). She is wearing the Angel wig (color 33R27F) from Jon Renau. She also has a pair of reading glasses and her shoes are the White Stag red ballet flats from Wal Mart.

      Dixie is wearing the White Button Down Top, Comfort Waist White Pant, Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Necklace, Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Earrings, Two Tone Butterfly Bangle Watch, and Aviator Sunglasses (all from Avon). She carries a Victoria's Secret mini tote. She is wearing the Skyla (no longer available) wig (color 24BT102) from Jon Renau. She also has a pair of reading glasses, a hat and generic tennis shoes from Wal Mart.

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