Cruising with Camp
posted by Feodora Verochka Tychovich

All location photographs were taken by Camp except as noted.
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      I decided that I wanted to get away for a while, so I packed my bags and took a cruise with Camp! He is our cruise director with Carnival Cruise Lines. noquiexis was busy with his "holodeck" thing and did not even miss me. Do you see how much I am appreciated?

picture from Carnival Miracle

      I met Camp at the Ramada Inn in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He stayed with friends and family. I shared a hotel room and stateroom with another single traveller, Carla. She did not want to be in any of our pictures. I think she may have been a secret agent! She had an attaché case, and was never without it.

This is one of the tourist shops that I visited.

      There was rain and overcast skies, so no one was in the pool. I thought that a bit odd, since they would have been wet from the pool water anyway.

My green top got a little wet, so I changed into the aquamarine top.

The cozy little tiki bar was closed due to the weather, but it made a nice backdrop for these pictures.

      I got lost shortly after check-in, but Camp showed me the way to my cabin. He said our cruise was called "Three Saints and a Miracle". The three saints were the islands that we visited, St. Maarten, St. Lucia and St. Kitts. The Miracle was the name of the Carnival Cruise Line ship on which we sailed. This ship is huge! It is over 900 feet from stem to stern.

I wanted to plot our course and speed.

There are enough eating and snack places on the ship!

      After wandering through the eating and entertainment areas, I decided to try my luck at the casino. I made sure that I only took money that I could afford to lose. I left with two dollars more than I came, but still enjoyed the experience.

I wanted to find out more about the people and history of the islands that we would be visiting.

      Here are some pictures from the beach. Carla wanted me to take her out on one of these rowboats. I told her to go by herself.

I liked this area of the beach much more.

This looks like a good place to work on my suntan!

Why am I thinking about Jimmy Buffet?

This is what Arimecibo Island looks like at high tide.

I was more tired than I realized.

      There may be more photos coming if time permits. noquiexis likes to hog the keyboard! Oops! I think he saw that! Bye for now!



Another Day of Fun in the Sun posted by Feodora Verochka Tychovich

All location photographs were taken by Camp.
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With all of these hot men on the beach, I am going to enjoy this trip!

With this little puddle jumper, we can do some island hopping.

The guy in the bathrobe may have already had too many!

Camp said, "Stand here so I can get some scale!" How much does he think I weigh?

That pirate fellow looks awfully familiar!

Another time ashore.


Island Fun
posted by Feodora Verochka Tychovich

All location pictures were taken by Camp.
Click on any picture for a larger image.

      The temperature was in the eighties when I left Ohio, so it did not feel too terribly warmer here in the tropics. I did manage to get some beach and swim time, but Camp was out on "thong" patrol with his camera. Anyway, he did get some nice pictures of me! Thank you, Camp!

      There are a plenty of places on the islands to get good food. Had it not been for all of the walking and swimming that I had done, I would have gained a few pounds. I also did some shopping, but I did not buy many large items. I have a large suitcase, but it is stuffed full of my clothes!

      Spencer, the boat driver was double parked. About the time I asked him how we would get away from the dock, he told me that I was in the wrong boat! Silly me!       Carla was supposed to be here with us, but she disappeared with her attaché case before dawn. She even takes that case with her in the shower! I really do think that she is a spy!    

      Viktor, a Russian bartender on the Miracle, recommended these seats for a good view. There are a few Russian-speaking people on the ship. It was nice to communicate in my native language again. Viktor said that I have developed a 'Western' accent!

      These little grass shacks always remind me of the American television series Gilligan's Island. Camp asked me if I would do a "Mary Ann" pose. I told him that I like to keep my clothes on, thank you! He laughed and almost dropped his camera!

      I do love it here in the islands! If I can drag noquiexis away from his computer, I will try to bring him along next year! He could use a little "internet withdrawal"!


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