Dappled Beauty

      The patio has a planted area in the center. The south side of the patio has the greatest amount of tree branches and leaves. This creates heavily dappled sunlight in the seating area.

Feodora is wearing the smaller pair of eyeglasses.

I experimented with two sizes of eyeglasses and two colors of sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses has a rosy hue.

This is the north side of the center planted area. Feodora is wearing the larger pair of eyeglasses.

The book that she is reading is a Mary Higgins Clark novel, "The Shadow of Your Smile".

This is the north side of the central planted area.

Feodora's little tote bag has palm trees, an island, and banannas.

These sunglasses have a brown hue.


Feodora's other photo shoots can be accessed from this index.

      Feodora Verochka Tychovich is a life-sized platinum-cured silicone rubber doll. She was produced by Oleg Bratkov (a gifted sculptor) and his beautiful wife Irina (excellent makeup artist), at Anatomical Doll in Vladivostok, Russia. Feodora has Face 3 and Body 3 of their product line. She has a fully articulated skeleton and can pose in most natural ways that a human can pose. There are 'stops' on the skeleton that prevent her from posing in unnatural ways. This also helps to prevent damage to the silicone.

      Feodora is wearing the Colorful Layered Tee in seafoam green, the Comfort Waist White Pant, the Seaside Embellished Flip-Flop in seafoam green, the Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Necklace, the Island Vibe Mother of Pearl earrings, the Island Vibe bracelet, the Sparkling Flowers Cuff watch in pink, the Heart of the Crusade pin, the Breast Cancer Crusade Tennis Bracelet, the Goldtone Marquise Ring, and the Aviator Sunglasses, all from Avon.

      The flower in her hair is an LED light-up hair clip form the Gartner Studios "Partyville" line of decorations. I purchased it at Wal Mart. Her wig (from Forever Young) was given to her by Irina at Anatomical Doll.

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