Dixie Under the Sea

      Dixie wanted to do a mermaid shoot, but I had a hard time trying to figure out how to make the tail. We compromised, and this is what we came up with. These first few pictures show Dixie frolicking with the fishies and exploring the sea floor.

Dixie Under the Sea

This picture uses the background for a freshwater aqaurium.

Here is another freshwater picture.

These next two pictures use the background for a marine (saltwater) aquarium.

      I though about putting the mermaid tail on her, but decided to bury her legs in the sand and gravel instead.

Mermaid Out of Water

      Dixie got tired of holding her breath, so I let her come ashore for the next few pictures.

These are the source pictures for the photoshopped images above.

      In order to get the images above, I edited these source pictures in a layer in Photoshop Elements 7. To get between the hair and the spaces in the net, I edited at the pixel level. This requires both a sharp eye and a steady hand. Unfortunately, I possess neither.

Dixie in White

      After a day in the shell and net getup, Dixie was more than glad to get back into her regular clothes. Dixie thought I should shell out a few clams for dinner, so we went to Red Lobster for some seafood after the photo shoot.

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