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      I support the Dressember Foundation (see my other page here) which works to free people from human slavery and sex trafficking. Ladies who join Dressember wear a dress every day throughout December (Dress + December = "Dressember") and men wear neckties or bow ties every day. Advocates donate and raise funds to support Grant Partners who work to prevent people from being trafficked and to aid those who are already trapped in this indignity. Since the program began, over $5 million was raised. During 2017 they raised $2 million. The 2018 goal is $3 million.

      Dressember partners with Elegantees (and other Brand Partners) to help provide employment for those rescued from slavery and sex trafficking and to prevent others from being forced into those indignities.

      The Dressember 2018 Collection includes several Elegantees dresses that were designed by celebrities. Jennifer's Dress that I acquired in January 2017 (see below) was designed by Dressember Founder and CEO Blythe Hill.

      I purchased four dresses from the Dressember 2018 Collection. They were expected to arrive in November, but the first one arrived on October 11. It is the Danielle Dress in Indigo, designed by Danielle Urban.

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      The first dress that I ordered was designed by Jennifer Morrison. It is the Jennifer Dress in Blue Slate

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I also ordered the same dress in Ruby Red.*

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      Among the other dresses that I like is the Jes Dress in Aubergine, designed by Jessica Rey. The response to the new collection was so great that this dress SOLD OUT in the first week of October! Once the sewing team gets caught up, they will be taking new orders for this dress.

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Feodora Models Jennifer's Dress

This is Jennifer's Dress that Jennifer Morrison wore for the Dressember 2017 fundraiser.
Insert: Jennifer Morrison wearing this very same dress, acquired through an eBay auction.
This picture was created for the September 2018 Photo Challenge on another website.

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* Jennifer Morrison stared in the ABC drama Once Upon A Time. Meghan Ory played the characters of Ruby and Red Lucas. (Ruby / Red) I have to wonder if the design team chose that color name for this coincidence.

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