Dressember 2019
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      I support the Dressember Foundation (see this post) which works to free people from human slavery and sex trafficking. The idea for the name came from CEO Blythe Hill. When she became aware of the world-wide slavery problem, she decided to draw attention to it by wearing a dress every day of December. (Dress + December = Dressember)

      Dressember partners with several organizations (Grant Partners) who specialize in different areas of prevention, rescue, and restoration for victims of sex trafficking and human slavery.

      Dressember partners with several businesses (Brand Partners) that provide ethical wages and working conditions for their employees. They have an Ethical Fashion Directory for people who want to insure that the products they buy are ethically produced.

      Among those businesses is Elegantees (Elegant Tees) which has a sewing center in Khathmandu, Nepal. From the Elegantees website:
"Our aim is to fight human trafficking in Nepal through employment opportunities. All our products are made ethically by those who have overcome. We dream to expand from one sewing center to several to provide more jobs. The waiting list is between 300-500 women who desire to work for Elegantees. Each purchase gets us closer to that!"

      Elegantees has been the clothing provider for Dressember's annual Marketplace. That is where I get the dresses for Feodora. Here are the dresses that I bought this year.

The "Danielle" dress, designed by Danielle Urban is from the 2018 Collection.

      I bought one last year and wanted another color. It was on sale, too! It looks like the 2018 Collection has been cleaned out.

The "Alex" dress was designed by Alex Michael May

The "Jen" dress in Red designed by Jennifer Morrison

The "Jen" dress in Black designed by Jennifer Morrison

The "Jen" dress in Blue designed by Jennifer Morrison

The "Resilient" dress in Aubergine designed by Jess Torres

Dressember clearance sale 2020
Posted May 29, 2020

      Dressember, an organization that I support, is having their annual clearance sale in preparation for the launch of the new line for the 2020 campaign. The sale of these clothes is part of their ongoing effort to eliminate human slavery and sex trafficking in our lifetime. Text in Italics below is from the website.

Our vision is a world without slavery.
For too long, the fashion industry has turned a blind eye to slave and child labor. We believe this can change, and it starts with us. Your purchase is powerful in providing dignified employment to artisans in Nepal. Each dress and tie in our marketplace is designed with a purpose and sewn with dignity, so you can ensure that your fashion statement is one you can feel good about.

      I purchased the Esther Dress, and the Dressember I Believe In Women" tank top. I got both, plus some free campaign buttons, for less than the price of the dress.

The Esther Dress

Traveling Humanitarian Photographer, Esther Havens, knows a thing or two about functional yet chic clothing. We see this played out in her 2019 wrap dress design. This dress features a long skirt and 3/4 length sleeves. With an adjustable tie around the waist, it's up to you whether you want to show a little leg or keep things concealed. Add a scarf or layer it with a sweater if you desire a more modest or cozy look.

The Esther Dress in Forest Green

The Dressember "I Believe In Women" tank top

When you flex your advocacy muscles during Dressember, you can flex your real muscles in this statement muscle tank made in partnership with KNOWN SUPPLY.

The clothes rack (behind Feodora) is covered in window film to keep dust off of the clothes and wigs.

      Dressember partners with https://elegantees.com/ (Elegant Tees), which operates a sewing center in Kathmandu, Nepal. The women (and now men) who work there are survivors who have been rescued from, or have been prevented from, human slavery and / or the sex trade. Giving them work at a decent wage keeps them from falling back into the life that they were rescued from.

      Nepal has been closed for weeks, so the dresses that are on sale are only those that are on hand at the Dressember shipping warehouse in California. Elegantees is based in New York. Anything that they have in stock there will be available while they wait for Kathmandu to reopen. Dressember started to partner with Known Supply for items that cannot be obtained through the elegantees sewing center in Kathmandu.

      I had a bit of Photoshop fun creating a new "Trio la Arimecibo" picture! The background is a 36" by 24" poster that I bought for the Island Window that I built.

See "Trio la Arimecibo" live at the Paradise Club on Arimecibo Island!

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