Feodora in the Kitchen

      Feodora decided that she wanted to make supper, so we planned a meal together. She wanted to do a test run in the kitchen to get used to how things worked before she made the full dinner.

She started by looking in the Good Housekeeping cookbook.

She asked me what I thought of some of the recipes.

We looked at the ingredients of the products already in the house.

We both got hungry looking at all of the food pictures, so Feodora made lunch for us.

Lunch with a beautiful woman is always a treat!

      The phone rang while we were eating, and Feodora's mother had called to see how she was doing. They talked while I helped clear the table.

      While they were talking, Verochka (as her mother calls her) put the phone on 'speakerphone'. She had a habit of doing that back home in Voronezh so that everyone could hear.

      At one point, I thought that Verochka was talking to me. I heard her mother mention my name. She must have asked if I spoke any Russian.

Verochka turned red when she realized that she had asked me a question in Russian!

      Feodora wanted to wash some clothes, so I let her use the washer. I was surprised to see that Snuggles was checking her out!

      After she got the laundry started, we discussed what we wanted for the dinner she would cook, and what we needed to get at the grocery store.

Feodora got a few things out to prepare for her 'practice' meal.

She found it a little easier to read the directions with her glasses on!

The butter package fascinated her.

Mixing the mashed potatos was easy enough. She used a pot holder to keep from burning her fingers.

Mixing in the stuffing was a little more difficult.

      The radio station that I turned on played "Moments In Love" by Art of Noise. I could not help but notice how beautiful Feodora is!

I took a peek over her shoulder while she was mixing in the stuffing.

It amazed me how she could cook and read at the same time.

Dinner is ready!

      Verochka said, "If you want any of this, you had better put that camera down now!" I did not know which 'this' she was talking about, but I was not going to take any chances!

      We hope you like our pictures! We will add some more when Feodora makes her full dinner!


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      Feodora Verochka Tychovich is a life-sized platinum-cured silicone rubber doll. She was produced by Oleg Bratkov (a gifted sculptor) and his beautiful wife Irina (excellent makeup artist), at Anatomical Doll in Vladivostok, Russia. Feodora has Face 3 and Body 3 of their product line. She has a fully articulated skeleton and can pose in most natural ways that a human can pose. There are 'stops' on the skeleton that prevent her from posing in unnatural ways. This also helps to prevent damage to the silicone.

      Her wig is from Forever Young. She is wearing the White Button-Down Top, the Comfort Waist White Pant, the Heart of the Crusade Pin, the Scroll Cuff Watch, and the Goldtone Marquise Ring, all from Avon. Her reading glasses and White Stag ballet flats are from Wal Mart. Her wig, necklace and earrings were given to her by Irina at Anatomical Doll.

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