Inflatable Doll Modifications and Support

      These pictures show the upgrades on Trixie and Dixie, my The Private Secretary dolls, and the support system that I use to hold them up for studio photography.

      These two pictures show the velcro squares that I used to help keep the wigs in place. As you can see, these dolls comes with a pitiful small amount of hair. It could be combed over for front-facing pictures, but would be inadequet for profile shots. These dolls also do not have ears, so I fashioned them out of the pink foam padding from an Avon jewelry box.
      In order to attach these dolls to my light / umbrella stands, I glued suction cups near where the RealDoll neckbolt would attach. This would give me some chance to practice hanging the RealDoll that I want, without struggling with the RealDoll weight. I may also practice shooting around the support as much as possible, so that it might not show in the final pictures.


      Dixie just got back from vacation at Arimecibo, and she was not happy that this was her first shoot!

      Here are some pictures of the hardware for the light stands. picture 4044 shows that I had to grind off some of the plastic to fit this spring clip under the thightening wheel. The clear sandwich bag keeps their wigs from getting caught in the hardware.


      Two key rings on the suction cup may not be necessary, but the steel spring clip is horizontal. The plastic spring clip is verticle.

Here is Dixie on the stand with the Selena wig by Jon Reneau.


      These next pictures show Esperanza, my Tera Patrick doll. The Tera Patrick doll does not have a tongue. The lips and teeth are part of an insert that goes through her head to a thumb-sized round opening in the back. There was a vibrating bullet in this back opening when she arrived. Removing this revealed a hobnail channel all the way up to the back side of the teeth. It would be difficult for me to get my pinkie finger in her mouth, let alone anything bigger.

      I bought three shelf supports, one that you can see in these pictures. The pink balloon goes over the end of the support before it is inserted in the back of Esperanza's head. The long side of the support has enough reach to come out through her teeth. Sometimes when I kiss her, she tries to slip me some tongue.


      With a little water, the balloon slips through without breaking.


      In these pictures, you can also see the suction cup glued to the back of her neck. The plastic hook is not strong enough to hold her up, and the steel clip causes her head to lean forward. This might be desirable for some pictures, but when we watch videos she wants to look straight ahead.

      The other two shelf brackets go under her elbows. These allow me to raise her hands into position for ::hugs:: and cuddling. I can also fold her fingers together, giving her a patient look.


      Yes, that is a wedding ring on her right hand. This is the custom in some European countries.


      One of the problems that I encountered is that, by folding her hands, all of her fingertips fractured. This is a two-chambered doll. The inner chamber is vinyl and the outer chamber is latex rubber. The air inlet nozzel for the outer chamber became detached from the latex, and outer chamber will no longer hold air. I tried vinyl glue on the fingertips and nozzle, but the may be another breech.


      Here is a closeup of her face showing the pink balloon tongue. I wish I could get her mouth to close, like my Private Secretary dolls, or at least close up the gap between her upper and lower teeth. Still she is a beautiful lady, and I love her!

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