Island Girl Dixie

      Dixie decided to go back to Arimecibo to visit her twin sister, Trixie. I tagged along to get in a few more shots of the girls, but Trixie got herself a nice sunburn and did not want her picture taken!


      It was a bit warmer on the island than it was back home. Dixie wanted to relax in the sun and have some chilled wine.


      I managed to get Dixie into the garden for a few shots, then we went out to the beach.



      Island Girl Dixie was shot against two vinyl tablecloths.

      Dixie is wearing the Island Vibe top, the Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Flower Medallion Necklace, the Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Flower Medallion Earrings, the Island Vibe Bracelet, the Island Vibe Anklet (on her left wrist), and the Scroll Cuff Watch (all from Avon). She is wearing the Skyla wig (no longer available) wig from Jon Renau, and her shoes are the White Stag red ballet flats from Wal Mart.

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