One Perfect Rose
One Perfect Rose.mid

This was the dream I had, searching for someone like you
What will I find? When will my search be through?

There are these places in my mind
In my dreams where I can find
All the love I've sought for so many years
So much beauty here, and a love I feel so clearly

Then after searching all this time
Never knowing what I'd find
I discovered all I wanted in you
Here a feeling grows and a wonder now it shows

Although these

Dreams they never do come true
Still sometimes they do if you love
When this quest is fin'lly through
In my dream I'll find you love me, too and

Yet when I wake the truth is there
Who am I that you should care?
Still, these days and nights my thoughts are of you
Dreams just don't come true. I'm a fool to think you'd love me.

You're so much more than I've become
Look at ev'rything you've won
Could I ever hope to see you again?
Hope is all I have. In my dreams I'll be with you again.

This was the dream I had searching for someone like you
I didn't know you had been searching, too

Love without measure now I find
Without reason you've been kind
Even though I've known you so many years
Truth I never knew of the way you felt about me

So when I think of all this time
I have known you I'm inclined
To believe this wondrous feeling that grows
Much to my surprise here and right before my eyes
I've discovered One Perfect Rose

Edmund Sonador

Feodora Verochka Tychovich
My One Perfect Rose


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