Rhiannan's Song
from Starship Araña
a novel by Edmund Sonador

written and performed by
Rhiannan "Shadow" Sokari
on the occasion of the wedding of
George Ancara and Mary Lynn Reinhart
June 29, 1991

Rhiannan's Song.mid

Our blessings we give to this couple
For health and prosperity, true
But also for sweet understanding
And magic of love ever new.

The future ahead is not written
The choices we make will decide
And life may be happy or bitter
But only our love will abide.

And now we will all see the magic
Of love that they openly share.
The universe soon will bare witness
The power of love in this pair.

The joy that we see on their faces
Displayed now with beauty before
With magic of song in their dancing
And steps to the notes of the score.

Love will stay when hearts endure
Time will prove their faiths are sure
Hope and trust that life will prove
Circumstance will their love not remove!

With hearts open sweetly they’re gliding
Each holding in gentle embrace
An aura of love now residing
That nothing will ever erase.

We join in the love of their dancing
And gratefully give them our praise
As each heart in heart is romancing
In beauty, in style, and in grace.

For now they begin their own journey
The stars are their map and their guide.
Their ship travels over a new sea
Their faith, hope, and love will abide.

Experience new life together
As boldly you travel this road.
Discover new dreams that you find there
For Dreams Are More Precious Than Gold

Edmund Sonador

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