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      Autumn is that time of year when exciting things begin to happen. Days are cooler, leaves begin their annual color splash, school resumes, and of course, football season begins!

      The twins decided to have a 'tailgate' party in the kitchen, then get settled in for kickoff in thier team's colors.


      Dixie said, "For a succesful tailgate party, we need some fried chicken."
      Trixie asked, "Yes, but don't we need a tailgate?"
      Dixie grinned, "According to our photographer, we both have nice tailgates!"
      Trixie remarked, "He always told me 'it's what's up front that counts'. But then again, this is a tailgate party!" They both got a chuckle out of that.


      Trixie said, "Well, we have our bucket of chicken, potato salad ..."


      "... potato chips, some soft drinks. Is there anything else?"
      Dixie said, "Nope. That's all we need! Let's move over to the table so we can enjoy our goodies!"


      Dixie said, "I hear that the teams are really good this year! This ought to be a great season!"
      Trixie said, "Anytime I see strong, young men in tight pants, it's a good season!"
      Dixie laughed, "You got that right! Oops! I got potato salad on my top!"


      Trixie said, "That's OK! We need to change into our team colors before kickoff anyway. Terry can do the laundry while we change."
      Dixie said, "What colors shall we wear? Both teams are good!"
      Trixie said, "Let's try them all, and see what looks best!"

      The girls were so excited about the game, and about the new tee shirts they got for this season. They gave me a hug before they changed.

First they tried on the Ohio State colors.

I thought they looked rather nice.

Then they donned the Michigan colors.

Again they made the shirts look good.

Dixie wanted to go back to Ohio State.

And then they both changed again! Fashion models! Go figure!

They finally settled in just in time for kickoff!

      Trixie is wearing the Island Vibe Top, Island Vibe Long Necklace, Island Vibe Hoop Earrings, Island Vibe Bracelet, Sparkling Flowers Filigree Cuff Watch, and the Island Vibe Anklet (all from Avon). She is wearing the Aurora wig (color 12/30BT) from Jon Renau, and her shoes are the White Stag silver ballet flats from Wal Mart.

      Dixie is wearing the White Button Down Top, Comfort Waist White Pant, Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Necklace, Island Vibe Mother of Pearl Earrings, and the Two Tone Butterfly Bangle Watch (all from Avon). She is wearing the Skyla wig (no longer available) (color 24BT102) from Jon Renau. She also has a pair of generic tennis shoes from Wal Mart.

      For the tee shirt portion of the shoot, the girls are wearing the Breast Cancer Crusade Locket Necklace, the Heart of the Crusade Pin, and Dixie is wearing the Women's Empowerment Bracelet, all from Avon.

      The Ohio State and Michigan tee shirts are by S Star and KA Inc. from Wal Mart.

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