Treasure Hunt
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      Feodora was thumbing through the web pages of Our Doll Community when she decided to do a little treasure hunting. She mentioned there there are a lot of great little nuggets to be found in libraries, so she wanted to visit the library here at the Westmoor Apatrments.

While most of the books here are fiction, there are also some magazines and reference books.

      Among the hardcover books, there are a lot of good novels, some health guides, and quite a few on nature and the national parks.

      The globe is a good tool for when you want to locate something, or get an idea of the distances between countries.

      As one might imagine, some of the information here has to do with sevices and health care for the elderly. After all, these are retirement apartments. Only people over the age of 55 are allowed to rent these apartments.

      So after all that looking, she settled on a romance paperback. The other jewels will have to wait for another day!

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