Valentine's Day 2018

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Feodora: "Hearts and flowers! How sweet!"

Feodora: "The flowers do smell nice!"

Feodora: "It is not my birthday."

noq: "I do have something else I would like to give to you!"
Feodora: "Can it wait until the commercial break?"

Feodora: "Josh and Ginny have a fairytale romance come true!"

noq: "The online movie service does not have commercials."

Feodora: "What is so important that you have to interrupt my show?"

noq: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!"
Feodora: "Count later! I am watching my show!"

      I always want to keep Feodora's clothes as clean as possible, so I washed my face and arms a few times during this photo shoot. It is not overly warm in the apartment, but there is little air movement. Moving Feodora was the most work, but I was sweating before that when I set the lights and props. This was a fun shoot!

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