Witchy Woman
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Witchy Woman - Eagles

I could not find a proper besom (broom) so I bought the pitchfork instead.

The black Carlotta wig gives Feodora a "Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams" look.
Morticia Addams picture
Morticia Addams picture
The Addams Family television series (1964).

      The sky was dark overcast with rain on this morning. I though this would be an excellent time to get these pictures with the outside as a background. Even so, I had to use strong lights and fill-in flash so as to not overexpose the scenery outside.

This picture shows how the background scene was blown out.

      This dress did not fit the way I like. A large part of the black bra is showing in these pictures. I had to tug on the dress straps to keep it from being too floppy in the front, but it would never stay in place.

"Incred likes the red!" This is the red Carlotta wig that I got through Incred, a friend and forum member.
This is my way of saying "Thanks!". Feodora looks damn nice in this shot!

"Are we done yet? These shoes are killing me!"

      This shoot was done in the intent of "embracing the cliché". Witches' Work is an original poem, although it was written long before this photo shoot.

Feodora's other photo shoots can be accessed from this index.

      Feodora Verochka Tychovich is a life-sized platinum-cured silicone rubber doll. She was produced by Oleg Bratkov (a gifted sculptor) and his beautiful wife Irina (an excellent makeup artist), at Anatomical Doll in Vladivostok, Russia. Feodora has Face 3 and Body 3 of their product line. She has a fully articulated skeleton and can pose in most natural ways that a human can pose. There are 'stops' on the skeleton that prevent her from posing in unnatural ways. This also helps to prevent damage to the silicone.

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