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Title: Dressember 2019
Post by: noquiexis on November 03, 2019, 06:38:18 PM
Dressember 2019

     I support the Dressember Foundation ( (see this post ( which works to free people from human slavery and sex trafficking. The idea for the name came from CEO Blythe Hill ( When she became aware of the world-wide slavery problem, she decided to draw attention to it by wearing a dress every day of December. (Dress + December = Dressember)

     Dressember partners with several organizations (Grant Partners ( who specialize in different areas of prevention, rescue, and restoration for victims of sex trafficking and human slavery.

     Dressember partners with several businesses (Brand Partners ( that provide ethical wages and working conditions for their employees. They have an Ethical Fashion Directory ( for people who want to insure that the products they buy are ethically produced.

     Among those businesses is Elegantees ( (Elegant Tees) which has a sewing center in Khathmandu (, Nepal ( From the Elegantees website:
"Our aim is to fight human trafficking in Nepal through employment opportunities. All our products are made ethically by those who have overcome.  We dream to expand from one sewing center to several to provide more jobs. The waiting list is between 300-500 women who desire to work for Elegantees. Each purchase gets us closer to that!"

     Elegantees has been the clothing provider for Dressember's annual Marketplace ( That is where I get the dresses for Feodora. Here are the dresses that I bought this year.

( (
The "Danielle" dress, designed by Danielle Urban is from the 2018 Collection.

     I bought one last year and wanted another color. It was on sale, too! It looks like the 2018 Collection has been cleaned out.

( (
The "Alex" dress was designed by Alex Michael May (

( (
The "Jen" dress in Red designed by Jennifer Morrison (

( (
The "Jen" dress in Black designed by Jennifer Morrison (

( (
The "Jen" dress in Blue designed by Jennifer Morrison (

     I ordered the "Resilient" dress designed by Jess Torres (, but there is a delay in getting this dress. When it gets here, I will add the picture to this post.

     I had a bit of Photoshop fun creating a new "Trio la Arimecibo" picture! The background is a 36" by 24" poster that I bought for the Island Window ( that I built.

( (
See "Trio la Arimecibo" live at the Paradise Club on Arimecibo Island!

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Title: Re: Dressember 2019
Post by: noquiexis on December 26, 2019, 09:38:10 PM
     The Resilient Dress, designed by Jess Torres (, came in last and I did not put it on Feodora until December. It can be worn off-the-shoulder or as a regular dress.

( (

( (
Dressember's Twitter ( page

( (

( (
As always, Feodora looks great!

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Title: Re: Dressember 2019
Post by: Dewyn on December 27, 2019, 05:16:07 AM
Very pretty and elegant dress. Feodora looks so great ! :D