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TPE Owners / Re: Kim's Place 金
« Last post by noquiexis on September 20, 2019, 07:19:28 AM »

     Kim is as beautiful now (if not more so) as she was the day she arrived. Her birthday party is sure to be a smash!

:-* :-* :-*
TPE Owners / Re: Kim's Place 金
« Last post by coralsheep91 on September 20, 2019, 04:55:02 AM »
Kim will be three years old in Nov and still a knock out!

She is by far the best doll I have ever owned.

General Discussion / Re: Locked In Irons
« Last post by noquiexis on September 10, 2019, 07:52:57 AM »
     "james021022" posted an info-mercial (an advertisement tailored to look like information) which I moved to the Trash Bin. I did not follow any of the his links. He had a phony e-mail address in addition to that suspicious user name, too. I banned him already.

C:-) C:-) C:-)
The Art Gallery / Re: Odd shots
« Last post by noquiexis on September 03, 2019, 08:10:20 PM »
Feodora's Jewelry

     Feodora is wearing the St. Jude Silver Stud Earrings, the St. Jude Silver Magnetic Lapel Pin (silver), and the St. Jude Silver Bangle Charm Bracelet1 (looks like the earrings).

     She is wearing these necklaces from Dogeared Jewelery: the "Shooting Star Charm necklace"1, the "Make a Wish necklace"1, the Infinite Love Small Crystal Halo necklace1 (looks like this ring), and the "Sun Salutation Coin Charm necklace".

     Our fashion model also has these on: the Avon Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Pin, the Avon Sparkling Flowers Cuff Watch1, and the Avon Goldtone Marquise Ring1.

     Feodora is wearing the Jennifer Dress in Ruby Red1 designed by Jennifer Morrison. It is from the Dressember 2018 Collection. The dress was  ethically sewn2 by seamstresses in Nepal for Elegantees (Elegant Tee shirts).

     The clutch is by Christian Siriano. Feodora is reading the quarterly arTMAtters members magazine from the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA).

1 no longer available
2 The seamstresses work reasonable hours for a fair wage.

:thumb: 8) :thumb:
Anatomical Doll / Better Than Us
« Last post by noquiexis on August 28, 2019, 09:47:32 PM »
Better Than Us
Right-click the pictures to see larger images in a new tab or window.

     When I heard Feodora speaking in her native language, I thought she was on the phone talking to her mother. Instead she was watching "Better Than Us", a Russian TV show on Netflix with English dubbed in. I sat down to watch it with her, and thought it quite good.

     The English-speaking players do a good job of keeping in time with the Russian-speaking actresses and actors. The end credits show that only a few English-speaking players cover a lot of the Russian-speaking players, but their voices may have different inflections for each character that they cover. I tried to pay attention to who they are, but I got caught up in the show.

     From Wikipedia: Better than Us (Russian: Лучше, чем люди, romanized: Luchshe, chem lyudi, literally Better than Humans)

      {Interpreted} from Wikipedia: Plot: The story takes place in a future where androids serve the population in various positions, even replacing humans in some jobs. They raise children and work as chauffeurs and security guards. In China, an android Arisa (Paulina Andreeva)* is designed for the men inconvenienced by the one-child policy, which resulted in a gender imbalance. Arisa is programmed to be wife to a man and mother to adopted children, and to protect her family. {She} is not programmed with Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics {and she kills} her creator. {Then} she is sold out of country.

     I could go on with more from the Wikipedia article, but that includes some spoilers. I will report that some of the "bots", as they are called, look like robots with obvious mechanical bodies. Other bots are played by real women and men. Some have the exaggerated movements of typical movie robots, but others move more naturally.

*  Paulina Olegovna Andreeva (Russian: Паулина Олеговна Андреева; born 12 October 1988)

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The Auction Block / Re: BodyColor by MissAtleur - TPE Color System
« Last post by noquiexis on August 23, 2019, 08:03:54 AM »
     This topic was formerly a Sticky, which kept it on top of the board index. Sadly, we lost crazycajun some time ago, so his products are no longer available through him. I have not kept up with the website that he linked, so I do not know if they bought the rights to sell his products.

:( :( :(
The Auction Block / Manufacturers and vendors
« Last post by noquiexis on August 23, 2019, 07:55:03 AM »
Note to manufacturers and vendors

     Manufacturers and vendors of dolls and doll-related products, other than TPE products, are restricted to one (1) sales topic on The Auction Block. Anything they want to change or add must be on that one (1) topic. Posting multiple sales topics will be considered as spamming.
     Manufacturers and vendors are not allowed to put website sales links in their signatures. Any such links will be removed. A second offence will result in that account being banned.
     Manufacturers and vendors, other than those who deal in TPE products, are welcome to participate in discussions on any board so long as they comply with these rules.


     It has been noted on other doll-related forums that some manufacturers and vendors spam the boards of those forums with advertisements. This includes adding a website sales link to their signatures, and then starting or replying to topics just to give that website link maximum coverage. Such behavior is not allowed here

     The registration agreement and the Island Rules both prohibit spamming. Those who deal in TPE-related products got so bad at it that they are absolutely restricted to one (1) topic on one (1) board. Here that board is TPE Marketplace.

     It is not the intention of the website owner that members never see links to the products that they want. That would defeat one of the reason why they join forums like this. Manufacturers and vendors should be glad that they get free advertising at all. They should also remember that this is NOT their sales floor.

C:-) C:-) C:-)
Tech Talk / Re: Simple Machines Forum ver 2.1 First look
« Last post by noquiexis on August 22, 2019, 08:42:36 PM »
     After some consideration, I decided that the WampServer stack was not my cup of tea. It would not allow for installation in any path that had spaces, like "Program Files", nor would it allow underscores, such as "public_html". I uninstalled the package and downloaded the latest versions of Apache and MySQL. I already had several PHP version 5 install archives.

     Installing the WAMP on Feodora's Windows 10 computer was painless, but getting it to work together was not. The MySQL Community Server version 8.0.17 (the latest as of 20 Aug 2019) uses utf8mb4 as its default character set. Finding a way to change this to my preferred utf-8 took some digging. Before that, phpMyAdmin could not connect to the MySQL server.

     I did get Feodora's WAMP running and installed SMF 2.1rc2 there. Later on I will install Coppermine Photo Gallery and Blueimp's Ajax Chat. I might install Darren's TuFat FlashChat, which Our Doll Community used in the early days.

8) O0 8)
Tech Talk / Simple Machines Forum ver 2.1 First look
« Last post by noquiexis on August 19, 2019, 10:59:49 PM »
SMF 2.1 First look

     It has been about ten years since I installed the WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL and PHP) on my localhost (home computer). All of that was needed to install the Simple Machines Forum software. At the time, Our Doll Community was running without anyone who really understood the software and how it works. I did not know that it would take me seven bloody weeks to see my first SMF page!

     At first I kept up with the WAMP software upgrades, but over time I got lazy. Once this website was online, the only upgrades I needed to apply were for the SMF software. The web host takes care of the rest.

     The friendly folks at SMF have been working on a major upgrade, which I have also mostly ignored. I figured I could wait until they have a production model ready. But curiosity got the best of me, so I installed the 2.1 Release Candidate (translate - not ready for prime time) on my localhost. Here are a few screenshots. Right-click on any image to see a larger picture in another tab or window.

First look

Login screen 1

Login screen 2

Logged in for the first time (2 images)

Administration Centre (3 images)

     I could have stitched the pictures together, but presenting them without any space gives a general idea of what the web pages look like. The black "X" in the "clicking the Help symbol" is due to a misnamed file. (Picture SMF_2_1_Admin_Centre_1.jpg)

     The WAMP is installed on "my" Dell Inspiron 530 (2009 model) with Windows 7. I am so rusty on the WAMP that I used the
WampServer 64 bit package on "Feodora's" Dell XPS 8920 (2017 model) with Windows 10. It still needs a lot of tweaking. All of the software that we run online (SMF, Coppermine Photo Gallery (CFG), and Blueimp's Ajax Chat) had a lot of "Deprecated" errors during installation. The code in those install files has not kept up with the rapid advances in the WAMP software.

     It should be noted that CFG up to cpg1.5.48 (last stable release as of 19 Aug 2019) absolutely will not run on PHP7. There is a link to "upgrade" to cpg1.6.03 beta version. The WampServer package comes with three version of PHP7 and one version of PHP5, which I selected (after pulling out some of my hair).

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:
General Discussion / Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
« Last post by noquiexis on August 14, 2019, 10:17:58 AM »
     I follow a number of authors including Laura VanArendonk Baugh (Twitter, Instagram). She posted about a recent visit to Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. Star Trek fans should enjoy these pictures from the Vulcan home page.

Vulcan's Starship FX6-1995-A, replica of the Starship Enterprise
and named after Vulcan Airport's designation FX6

Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock.

 :D :D :D
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