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Sinthetics / Re: refund request
« Last post by noquiexis on Yesterday at 07:34:10 AM »
     True to form, Sinthetic's "customer service" is their absolute last priority. MattK and Bronwen are often described as "good people", but they suck as business people. To be "a Sinthetics customer for life" might mean that it takes a lifetime to get anything out of them.

     I looked up Will Power Holdings, Inc., 2931 Gilroy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039 (an old address for Sinthetics' parent company) and found Frogtown Brewery at that same address. Whether or not this is MattK's 'day job' is anybody's guess.

     I just looked up the Sinthetics Contact Us page and found a different address: 3707 Medford St., Los Angeles, CA 90063. I have not visited the Sinthetics website for several years and do not know when they moved.

:-X :-X :-X
Sinthetics / Re: refund request
« Last post by odc061210 on Yesterday at 06:49:10 AM »
I got one more email from Sin. I will not be getting a refund. Sin suggested a couple of other possibilities: selling my place in the queue or receiving some product. I wrote back several emails with questions, none of which have been responded to. I wrote one more earlier today repeating the open questions I had asked in my previous recent emails.
General Discussion / Re: Found a redhead, thought I'd share
« Last post by odc061210 on March 20, 2019, 06:17:11 AM »
It might (probably?) depend(s) on browser settings. I run SeaMonkey with javascript disabled: no ads, no popups, and (surprisingly) some sites work that don't work at all with newer browsers (all depends, I suppose, on CSS and javascript implementations - not-so-brave new world).
General Discussion / Re: Found a redhead, thought I'd share
« Last post by noquiexis on March 19, 2019, 08:14:14 PM »
     Some websites are not forum-friendly. I had to put the link in another tab to see the picture. Clicking on the link did not help, either. Copy it and paste it into another tab or window.

General Discussion / Found a redhead, thought I'd share
« Last post by odc061210 on March 19, 2019, 07:26:49 PM »
I wasn't sure what category to post her in but I was pretty sure she would be appreciated by :redhead: fans

The carpet matches the drapes.

On topic: I'd buy a doll that looked like her. In fact my S+ has a VERY similar chest.
General Discussion / Pi Day 2019
« Last post by noquiexis on March 15, 2019, 06:56:03 AM »
Hello math lovers!
3.14 (March 14) of 2019
Neil deGrasse Tyson posted this picture on his Twitter page:

"Gotta love pumpkin Pi."

From "Wandering For Life" (Twitter)

Let us not forget Pizza Pi

Image credit:
or Apple Pi

Image credit:
Slicing a pie (pizza or other) would be an interesting way to teach fractions. The students would just eat it up!

 :tasty: :tasty: :tasty:
General Discussion / Re: Chinese Domain Name Scam
« Last post by noquiexis on March 12, 2019, 08:13:13 AM »
Follow-up on the Bitcoin scam

     I found a few links about the Bitcoin scam. Apparently, it has been around for a while.

What should you know about the Bitcoin Email Extortion Scam?

Get an extortion scam email? Here’s what to do

University of Michigan
NOTICE: Extortion scam emails with stolen passwords not credible (updated)

From the U of M article:

Sextortion Scam Uses Recipient’s Hacked Passwords (Krebs on Security, 7/12/18)
Don't Fall for This Scam Claiming You Were Recorded Watching Porn (Gizmodo, 7/17/18)
A frightening email that is spreading online (Kim Komando, 7/10/18)
Phishing scam known as 'sextortion' is using people's real passwords to blackmail them for supposedly watching porn (Mirror, 7/16/18)
How to avoid a Bitcoin blackmail scam
Scam Alert: Sextortion Email Using Real Passwords (Infogressive, 7/13/18)

If you want to report the scam, go to:
Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center

C:-) C:-) C:-)
General Discussion / Re: Chinese Domain Name Scam
« Last post by noquiexis on March 08, 2019, 11:59:37 AM »
Bitcoin scam

     On March 8, 2019 I received a scam e-mail at my Arimecibo website that was forwarded to my primary e-mail address. Most likely it came from the same scammer as above. By the time I looked for the original message at Arimecibo, the system software had already deleted it.

     I did not open the e-mail to read it, but extracted the text by checking Properties in my mail client (Windows Mail {WinMail.exe} on Windows 7). The text of that e-mail is posted below as a warning to everyone. My comments are in Maroon.

From: "HACKED" <Phony e-mail address>
To: This message would never find me!
Subject: IMPORTANT! You have been recorded masturbating!

Hi there,

The last time you visited a porn website with teens, you downloaded and installed the software I developed.
I do not visit porn websites, so this is bullshit.

My program has turned on your camera and recorded the process of your masturbation.
I do not have a camera on either of my computers.

My software has also grabbed all your email contact lists and a list of your friends on Facebook.

I have the - Oquiexis.mp4 - with you jerking off to teens as well as a file with all your contacts on my computer.
More bullshit. The asshole could not even get my name right!

You are very perverted!

If you want me to delete both the files and keep the secret, you must send me Bitcoin payment. I give you 72 hours for the payment.

If you don't know how to pay with Bitcoin, visit Google and search.

Send 2.000 USD to this Bitcoin address as soon as possible:

<-- link obfuscated by noquiexis -->
(copy and paste)

1 BTC = 3,850 USD right now, so send exactly 0.524689 BTC to the address provided above.

Do not try to cheat me!
As soon as you open this Email I will know you opened it. I am tracking all actions on your device.
More bullshit. The message came in as plain text. There is nothing that can track my keystrokes or mouse movements.

This Bitcoin address is linked to you only, so I will know when you send the correct amount.
When you pay in full, I will remove both files and deactivate my program.
More bullshit. If this asshole had the goods on me, they would milk it for all they could.

If you don't send the payment, I will send your masturbation video to ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES from your contact lists I hacked.

Here are the payment details again:

Send 0.524689 BTC to this Bitcoin address:

<-- link obfuscated by noquiexis -->

You саn visit police but nobody can help you. I know what I am doing. I don't live in your country and I know how to stay anonymous.

Don't try to deceive me - I will know it immediately - my spy software is recording all the websites you visit and all keys you press. If you do - I will send this ugly recording to everyone you know, including your family.

Don't cheat me! Don't forget the shame and if you ignore this message your life will be ruined.

I am waiting for your Bitcoin payment. You have 72 hours left.

Anonymous Hacker

     As I mentioned above, this message is posted as a warning. Do not fall for this bullshit.

C:-) C:-) C:-)
General Discussion / Chinese Domain Name Scam
« Last post by noquiexis on March 08, 2019, 11:56:33 AM »
Chinese Domain Name Scam

     I received a few e-mails on this website that looked suspicious. In the messages, someone claimed to attempt registering my Domain Name and Internet Keyword in China.  I contacted my web host to find out what they thought. Upon further investigation, I found this article:

     The text in the article was almost word-for-word as in the e-mails. Apparently these scammers are using the same translation. I know that a few members here have websites for their own businesses and other hobbies, so be forewarned.

C:-) C:-) C:-)
Sinthetics / Re: refund request
« Last post by odc061210 on March 06, 2019, 05:21:20 PM »
Someone started a new thread 'somewhere else' about Sin deliveries. So I checked my email that I rarely check and discovered that on Feb 1, 13 months after requesting my refund, Sin sent me an email asking if I was ready to have my doll made. I responded today, repeating my request for a refund. I guess I'll have to check that email account a bit more regularly for a while.
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