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Simple Machines Forum Avatars
« on: December 12, 2016, 05:27:50 PM »
Simple Machines Avatars

     The Simple Machines Forum (SMF) software comes with a set of avatars that are available for use by registered members. Members may also wish to upload their own avatar, or link to an off-site avatar, but keep in mind that all avatars must be in compliance with forum rules. Inappropriate avatars will be edited by management. Here are the avatars that are supplied with SMF versions in the 2.0.x series. In the examples below "smf/" is the document root of my forum. Edit this to reflect your forum root directory.

     To include or change your avatar, go to Profile -> Forum Profile and look at "Personalized Picture". Nothing will change until you click on the "Change profile" button at the bottom of the screen.
65 x 65 pixels

Brad_Pitt.jpg     Bruce_Campbell.jpg     Bruce_Willis.jpg     Cameron_Diaz.jpg

Charisma_Carpenter.jpg  Christopher_Lambert.jpg  Claudia_Schiffer.jpg

David_Boreanaz.jpg    David_Spade.jpg    Denise_Richards.jpg

Emilio_Estevez.jpg       Eva_Habermann.jpg   Freddie_Prinze_Jr.jpg     Gwyneth_Paltrow.jpg

65 x 65 pixels

Avril_Lavigne.jpg     Bob_Marley.jpg     Britney_Spears.jpg     Cardigans.jpg

Christina_Aguilera.jpg Dido.jpg              Eminem.jpg               Jewel.jpg   

Jon_Bon_Jovi.jpg          Korn.jpg          Limp_Bizkit.jpg          Linkin_Park.jpg

Nirvana.jpg              No_Doubt.jpg          Queen.jpg              Shakira.jpg


New with SMF version 2.1

100 x 100 pixels

beagle.png                  bug.png                    cards.png                   cookie.png                   dice.png

Earl.png                 flish.png                   game.png                   golf.png                  hardware.png

invisible-user.png           lense.png                    love.png              megaphone.png                  pi.png       

scope.png                 smiley.png                    tea.png                    wine.png

     For more avatars, see Custom Avatars

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