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Oh Crap!
« on: December 17, 2016, 02:19:51 PM »
     One of the myths that I heard years ago was that the 'water closet', the inside flush toilet, was invented by Sir Thomas Crapper. According to my research today, the gentleman was never knighted, nor did he invent the thing.

Thomas Crapper
Image source: Wikipedia

     Thomas Crapper was a journeyman plumber who made some improvements on the design, and invented the ballcock. Although the origin of the word crap did not come from his name, his company did market the flush toilet widely. Saying that one is "going to the Crapper" is similar to calling an open-end adjustable wrench a "Crescent" or a copy of a document is a "Xerox". The brand name became such common usage that it lost its trademark value in the public mind.

Brand stamped on the product.
Image source: Wikipedia

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