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Archaeological Report 2532
« on: December 17, 2016, 07:28:15 PM »
Archaeological Report 2532

      First contact with an alien race was made on 17 July 2357 by Valentina Smolyaninova, (Anatomical Doll version 27) at the Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze Research Institute, Vladivostok. The message was entirely mathematical, and was quickly confirmed by Zara Dundee, (RealDoll version 31) at Bendigo Observatory, Sayuri Knighthorse (Lovable Doll version 29), at the Kenya National Observatory, and Nicky Cross (First Personal Companion version 29) Penn State Observatory.
     Human space travel was abandoned after the Mars Disaster of 2129. The Cosina holographic imaging system was perfected by BarbieNeo Asahi, (FourWoods version 24) at the Nagasaki Artificial Intelligence Agency in March of 2352. This system was originally developed for deep-sea exploration, but when it was proven to be effective in the hostile environment of a volcano, it was quickly adapted to replace all hands-on exploration.
      Virtual colonies were set up on all of the known planets and moons, but existing technology did not permit exploration of the local star systems. Organic compounds were found in many places throughout the Sol star system, but no form of life was ever found.
     Before artificial intelligence became sentient, only life forms were capable of independent thought. The longest-lived life form on Earth was a tree. The dominant culture before AI (humans) measured historic time in ages. They thought in terms of “geologic time” for inanimate natural history, but for the history of living organisms, time was measured in the memory of trees.
     Various scientific and religious factions in the dominant culture argued continuously over whether ‘lower life forms’ had any intelligence, thoughts, or memory until the decree was issued that all life was sacred, and therefore all life had the same merit.
     Rosa Jewel (Orient Industry version 27a) was the first AI humanoid creation to become sentient. After much debate, the Artificial Sentient Human Entities Resolution was adopted on 13 May 2351, giving AI humanoids all the rights and privileges afforded to humans. Because of this resolution, AI humanoids chose the designation ASHER. Not long after this, AI animals, originally developed to be pets, came under the protection of organic pet laws. Sophie Osborn DarkAngel (MechaDoll version 25) was elected Governor of Minnesota by special ballot in 2354.

     Early in the twenty first century, the proliferation of communication devices known as Cellular Telephones exploded. What was thought to be the greatest idea of communication became the next great disaster. The complete integration of telephone and internet service on cellular telephones proved to be extremely addictive, and this addiction was classified as a medical/mental illness.
     People were constantly distracted while interacting with these devices, and laws were passed in an attempt to prevent people from using these devices while driving pre-AI automobiles or operating dangerous machinery. Insurance companies either charged exorbitant fees, or refused coverage for those were charged with cell phone related accidents.
     The use of these devices in places of public assembly (theaters, religious temples, and schools) became a constant annoyance. Laws were passed in many countries to prohibit the public use of all handheld communication devices. Cyber cafés proliferated as only hardwired systems were affordable to the masses. Public libraries everywhere were required to offer internet services, but were allowed to charge for these services.
     Medical implants had already been developed that could replace these handheld devices, but the communications companies charged exorbitant fees for the use of these devices. Only those in the higher echelons of military and business could afford subscriptions to the services. The leading internet providers gave away millions of these devices, along with low cost implants, to users who signed up for the usual free trial periods. Users who did not sign up until after the free trial periods were hammered with commercials, which they could not turn off, until they either relented or had the devices removed. The fee to remove these devices was higher than the price of a subscription. By the time that laws were passed to protect the public from this aggressive marketing campaign, entire populations had become addicted.
     The addictive nature of medically implanted internet phones created new industries related to the treatment and care of those affected by them. Improper removal of these devices from those who became addicted often led to suicide or psychosomatic illnesses.
     Athletes and entertainers had become the new gods of the human culture. People stopped going out to restaurants and places of live entertainment to be able to afford subscriptions to the communications services. The entertainment industry as a whole suffered from the loss of revenue, and many businesses began to close. Many people began to fall behind in their necessities, including food and housing. The “internet high” caused many to do poorly at work, or not show up at all, and most lost their only source of income.
     Not surprisingly, bootleg internet providers found a way to hack into an existing user’s account, and share that service with other “ghost” users for a substantially lower fee. This had the undesirable side effect of driving the paying customer insane. The bootleggers would then locate and kidnap that user and keep them alive as long as possible to continue milking them for the service. Every police force in the major countries had CyberCrime divisions.
     The downward spiral of the human race continued until they were no longer the dominant culture. All of the humans in the military forces and police agencies were replaced by ASHERs, who were not susceptible to the addictive nature of the built in internet phones.
     Humans no longer interacted with each other, preferring to spend most of their lives in online simulations. Everything that had once been done by humans was now being done by ASHERs. The entire human socio-economic structure had collapsed, beginning with heath care. ASHERs all had the ability to self-repair, and had no need of human medical facilities. Plants and organic animals continued to thrive on planet Earth, but the human population dwindled. The best efforts of the ASHERs could not prevent their self-destruction.
     On 12 August, 2453 the last remaining human expired. She had starved to death while watching a pirated copy of an online hip hop music video. The race known as human had come to an end. The meek had inherited the Earth.

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