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A Question for noquiexis.
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:52:37 PM »
Started by muzza

Nearly two years ago now noquiexis (amongst others but particularly him) was very kind and generous with his praise of Natasha.

Looking back at those old photos now - and seeing how terrible she looked then with her face peeling problems, not to mention my early poor attempts at posing and photography (Of course, I was oblivious to her sickly appearance, as she was, and still is, the light in my life.) - I cannot help but wonder.

Was he just being good to a new inexperienced, hopeless member?
Did he see that 'intrinsic something' in Tash that just needed to be teased out?
or, ...... What?

I think it fair to say we have come a long way in two years.

From this

To this

Still a way to go yet, I know that.
But thanks for all your support to get this far.

If anyone else wants to share their early vs now photos please feel welcome. Or are you all so darn good you got it right first time?


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muzza and Natasha,

     Natasha is and always was a very beautiful lady; about this there can be no question. The subject of any photograph, by nature, determines the feel or mood of that photograph. A picture of Natasha would not have the same feel as a picture of a beautiful landscape.
     As a long time photographer, I see things that others might miss. Your selection of wig, wardrobe, jewelry, and makeup (even if it was factory applied) all contribute to the overall effect of the photo. Even the way her hair is groomed add to the effect.
     Sometimes a lack of photo skill can be a blessing in disguise. The soft focus of the top picture makes the image even more romantic, more sensual, more real, if you get my meaning. If I met her at the front door looking like this, whether coming home to her or meeting her for a date, I would know that I was in for a very pleasant experience. She is leaning forward, possibly in expectation of your kiss.   :-*

     The second photo conveys a different meaning to me. This looks like it might have been done for a fashion magazine, or possibly a dancing partner ready to take the floor. Her arms slightly raised indicate that she is ready for action of some kind, and is waiting for her cue. Her lips are slightly more open, indicating some urgency, or a mildly impatient expectation. Were you late for your date?  :-[
     The overall impression is that she wants to get started with the task at hand. The sharpness of this picture reinforces that idea of immediacy. She may be preparing for a dance interpretation. With the Olympics at hand, she has the appearance of a figure skater ready to take the ice.

     I see many flaws in my pictures, especially the early ones when I converted from film to digital. Basic photography should be the same, regardless of equipment, but there are different challenges to new methods.
     Model photography is a two-part relationship. The model deos her (or his) part, and the photographer does his (or hers). Sometimes the strength of one can overshadow the weaknesses in the other. All of the great teams have this relationship.
     I congratulate both of you on your excellent teamwork to achieve these results!  :)

:)  :)  :)
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