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Albums reconfigured
« on: February 02, 2017, 02:17:48 PM »
     There were several albums in the Arimecibo Island Photo Gallery that required users to log into the gallery to see. Most were also assigned to a User Group to which most users do not have access, so they would never see these albums. I reconfigured those albums so that they can be seen by anyone.

     Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) comes with a default Category called "User galleries". When I set up the gallery for Arimecibo Island, I experimented with other Categories in an effort to keep them "work safe" and "family friendly". I had intended to have non-doll pictures in a Category called "Arimecibo Island Members" and nude photos in a Category called "Our Doll Community Members"*.

     I did have two doll accounts (Feodora and Esperanza) with albums set to these User Groups and placed in these Categories. The idea was to change the default Category so that unregistered visitors would not see the nude photos.

     Unfortunately, CPG does not have that capability. CPG does have the capability to assign albums to a particular User Group, but then Users would have to be given access to that group by management. Even then, they would have to log into the gallery to see their own albums. It is only one extra step, but it would annoy me and I am sure it would annoy others. Most of us have links to our albums in our signatures. Clicking on these links takes us directly to the pictures. Having to log in then would be an annoyance.

     Magnus Bay Colony was originally set up to be a test platform where modifications could be tested without disturbing the forum, gallery, and chat at Arimecibo Island. This redundant directory has the same exact software as Arimecibo Island.

     While it continues to function as a testing platform, Magnus Bay Colony is "work safe" and "family friendly". Nude and sexually suggestive photos* are forbidden on that part of the island (that part of the website).

* Effective 1 Jan 2020, nude photos will be forbidden on any part of the Arimecibo Island website

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