Author Topic: Taking Dolls Through US Customs  (Read 449 times)

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Taking Dolls Through US Customs
« on: December 13, 2016, 05:29:34 PM »
     I have been in contact with US and Canadian customs, trying to find a safe and efficient way of crossing the US / Canadian border with dolls, and without the hassels that were reported by others. I received this reply by e-mail:

from: CBP INFO Center <>
Thank you for contacting the CBP Info Center.

Are the "models" serially numbered? If so, you may be able to register the dolls with CBP prior to traveling abroad (to Canada or Mexico). To register items with CBP, you would just need to bring the doll(s) to the nearest Port of Entry (air, land or sea) to you, and a CBP Officer will assist you with completing the registration form. The registration form will show the items originated in the US and were not purchased while abroad. My other suggestion would be to contact the port you would be driving back through directly to see what their advice might be because your question is very specific. You can find port contact information by clicking here: Lastly, if you will be traveling into Canada or Mexico, I would recommend contacting their Customs / Border authority as well for their requirements to bring the doll(s) into another country.

     Essentially this means that there is not much that can be done ahead of time. If dolls have serial numbers, they will not be on the outside of the doll. Any removable parts (head, face) would have to be numbered separately.

     The biggest concern for doll owners is the threat of cavity searches, or slicing the doll open to see what is inside.

     While we do appreciate the governments' concerns about smuggling and anti-terrorism, current proceedures put a bind on any plans for cross-border doll meets.

      I have heard of veterinarians placing a chip inside an animal to keep track of medical records. If anyone is familiar with this technology, please post info or links here. Perhaps something can be negotiated along these lines. Personally, I would shy away from anything that could be used as  GPS tracking device.

     I am not familiar with border crossing scanners, but it seems that they should be similar to airport scanners. Any thoughts or ideas?

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