Author Topic: Miss Kayla Lynn Nelson looking for a new home!  (Read 528 times)

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Miss Kayla Lynn Nelson looking for a new home!
« on: April 02, 2017, 07:50:17 PM »
I have regretfully come to the decision to part with Miss Kayla Lynn Nelson, She simply deserves more attention and care than what I am able to give to her. So I have decided to attempt to find her a suitable home at ODC and here first. Before looking elsewhere, she is truly a unique doll in that She is and will ALWAYS be the very FIRST WMDOLLS doll with a fully articulated hinged neck assembly. You will not find another WMDolls doll anywhere in this good of condition at 15 months old!

Item for sale: Heavily Modified 153cm WMDolls doll Delivered to Original owner in January of 2016

Full specification: Brand: WMDOLLS, Type TPE 153cm Tan Body with Tan #36 Head and Green Eyes, Material: TPE, Options She uses an Insert (New One included with sale)

Asking price: $1000.00 Non-Negotiable

Shipping limitations: Continental US

General location: Just North of Atlanta,GA

Age of item: 15 months - I have had her since June of 2016.

Bought new or previously owned *¹: Previously Owned - I am the Second Owner

Damage to item: Surgery Scar in the middle of her back, and small scars on her knees and a scar on her Right Foot just above her Big Toe.

Repairs made: Repaired Stabb wounds on her knees and Deep laseration just above her Right Big Toe

Modifications:  GooseNeck neck Assembly was replaced with a Fully articulated Hinged neck Assembly in September of 2016

Need assistance with posting pictures?: No

Please remember, each picture must include a paper note with your username and the day's date on it*¹

Picture showing the scar on her back from the surgery!

Picture showing I believe her Left Knee:

Picture showing I believe her Right Knee:

Picture showing her Right foot Big Toe: This Toe was almost severed when I received her!

She will come with the wig and a schoolgirl outfit that she is wearing in this Picture:

Below is her gallerys, if you have any questions contact me
or if you want some pictures that are not in the gallery, contact me I will be happy to assist.

Kayla's Gallery:

Kayla's ForSale Gallery:
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Re: Miss Kayla Lynn Nelson looking for a new home!
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2017, 08:19:40 PM »
     crazycajun has decided against selling Miss Kayla Lynn Nelson. He has asked me to lock this thread.

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