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Doll Related Links
« on: December 13, 2016, 05:55:38 PM »
Doll Related Links

Warning! Links on this page will lead to explicit material.

     The purpose of this thread is to gather links to websites that are useful in the doll hobby in one convenient location. This may include doll manufacturers, certified doll resellers, doll display and storage hardware, wigs, clothing, shoes, vendors, doll-related events, photo tips, and photo editing software.

     Only moderators and administrators are able to edit this post. This is to prevent spam, and to keep the links contiguous to their category. The links are placed alphabetically, so as to not favor one website over another. Whenever possible, English versions of the websites are presented. Also, when possible, only site entry pages are presented. This is for the legal protection of Our Doll Community. Listing of a website here is for information only, and does not constitute endorsement of products or services by Our Doll Community (Edit: or Arimecibo Island).

Doll Manufacturers

Silicone Dolls

4 Woods
Abyss RealDoll
Anatomical Doll
Candy 18 Real Solid Sex Doll

[url=]First Androids

French Madam
Girl Next Door
MacMil Cybernetics Sex Bots
Make Pure
MechaDoll UK
My Party Doll
Orient Industry
Phoenix Studios Boy Toy, Seasons
Private Island Beauties
Ruby 13
Silicon Art
Silicone Doll Works
Silicone Works Dolls
Virgin Rose Doll

Cloth Dolls

Eighth Wonder Teddy Babes
Stuffed Company

Inflatable Dolls

69 Adult Sex Toys
Bedroom Joys
Blow Me Up Sex Dolls
California Exotic
Deep Memories
Delights of the Flesh
Forbidden Erotics
Doc Johnson
Topco Sales

Small Dolls

Denver Doll Emporium
Doll In Mind
 Dream Of Doll
Tokyo Doll
    also Tokyo Doll
Super Dollfie.Net
Super Mini Dollfie
Tonner® Fashion Dolls and Character Figures™
Wilde Imagination, Inc.
Violett Somers & Gabby Field


Headcovers Unlimited
How to Take Measurements
MakupArtist Halloween Masks, Female Masks and Costuming
Period Clothing Our Doll Community page
some links for clothing for our dolls
Sparkling Strawberry


VirtuaGirl Desktop Strippers
Lhandslide Studios


Decal Paper Tatoos
Guy Louis XVI Eyes
liebespuppen-shop German
MakupArtist - Halloween Masks, Female Masks and Costuming
Masterpiece Eyes
Mini World Doll Supplies
Nanma Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Rogue Creations Matt McMullen and company
Sex Toy Closeouts Wholesale - MINIMUM ORDER: $100
Vibeplease Wholesale & Discount Adult Toys
Virgin Sweet-Heart Doll

Name websites

Baby Name Websites Our Doll Community page

Forums for dolls

The Doll Forum
Alex Knight's Doll Harem
Sinthetics Forum
Gibmodoll's UK Love Doll Forum

Personal doll sites
Davecat & Sidore

Non-doll website sites
Perry's Kitchen
(former doll owner)

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Trixie and Dixie "the twins" are Private Secretary inflatable dolls.
Esperanza is a Tera Patrick inflatable doll.
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