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How It All Works
« on: April 26, 2018, 11:48:22 AM »
How It All Works
Software used on this website.

     This topic is continued from Attention, site transfer .... See also Inodes: How and why

     Both Arimecibo Island and Our Doll Community (ODC) use three software packages: Simple Machines Forum (SMF), Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG), and Ajax Chat. As originally installed, these three packages together consume less than 100 Mb of disk space. Unless these are modified or upgraded after the original install, the software never changes.

     Both website forums have additional Themes, Avatars, and Smileys installed. There are manual edits for the chat and gallery navigation links, and the "Who's In Chat" feature. Both website chat rooms have additional Smileys installed. Both website galleries do not have any modifications beyond changing the displayed names of those galleries. The only physical change is the photos uploaded to the gallery, but the gallery software never changes, unless manually upgraded. All three software packages have configuration files, but these can only be edited by administrators.

     All three software packages depend on a Relational Database program, most likely MySQL. The web host maintains the database software, so that is not the responsibility of the website owners. Both website owners are responsible for their own databases, which are nothing more than computer files. These database files contain everything written on the forum and in chat, and all of the picture links for the gallery. These database files do not contain the pictures themselves.

     Like all computer files, the database files can be copied and moved, but they can be quite large. Database management programs like phpMyAdmin can generate scripts to rebuild a database file, rather than download the original file itself. This is how website administrators backup their databases.

     Both website chat rooms are integrated with the forum. If you log into the forum first, you will not have to log into chat. You should use the proper "Logout" button when leaving chat. If you just close the chat window, you will eventually time out. If you accidentally leave the chat window, the you will have a short time to re-open chat and still be logged in. The gallery does require a separate login.

     The forum uses session cookies that are stored on the users' devices. Users should never clear their web browser's cache while logged into the forum. This will cause a session error when you log out, and may prevent you from logging in later. It is possible to be logged into the forum, chat, and the gallery simultaneously. If your device permits, you may have a separate tab or window for each.

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