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The DS Male Doll
« on: May 25, 2018, 02:17:26 PM »
My wife has been goading me that I take photos only of lady dolls and therefore equates my doll photography with sexual predilections and associated disdain or disgust. So I decided to take on a brother for my ladies.

My interest of course as a man is for photography and DS have done for me a special order taking him out of their normal production line to give him a screw thread in his leg to take a bolt for standing on. This has led to a couple of hiccups with a couple of things being omitted from his box. Such is life and we'll sort that out in due course. . . . But this review is about the essence of the figure, for which there is only one word adequately descriptive . . .


Excellent - travelled with no damage through DHL


Chunky. Hulk. Good male model


Leo - the blue eyed toy-boy. The favourite of a doll friend of mine who's a lonesome older lady who likes my dolls.

Herman - the serious guy

who tells me

that he doesn't take board and lodging for granted and has serious work to do . . . but that I need to find clothes for him first.

Precision of skeletonThe movements of this doll are outstanding. The arms, legs, every joint poses with precision and smoothness. Nothing too tight nor too loose. True excellence and really impressive.

The silicone is thick and luscious - soft and for anyone who would want to take him to bed, cuddly and probably really comfortable to be next to. This comes probably at the cost of weight, but he strikes me as even more luscious in feel and softness than his female counterparts . . . although my comparison on that is my 167 lady as I haven't met the 167 EVO made of this year's production yet.

The figure is for any lady to die for. Chunky, muscular, detail on arms and knees. A couple working with me at the moment have met him and the girl remarked on his nice bum.

So in this doll I believe DS have hit the sweet spot for a male doll that ladies can drool over and it will be a pleasure over the coming months to document his life.

In the course of having escaped from the production line, he didn't have his fingernails or toenails fitted. I'm hoping DS will forward them on to me for me to stick on - but actually his lack of nails fits a narrative which might follow on from a story of his ?daughter or ?wife from China which will be in Coverdoll in July. Perhaps he's escaped from somewhere . . . and as a result very accustomed to the hard labour to which he's offered to assist for me.

Oh that one word to describe him? SUPERB!

Best wishes

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Re: The DS Male Doll
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2018, 08:13:27 PM »

     Thank you for your review. The male doll is under-represented in the hobby. Hopefully this will get more ladies interested in doll purchases, which will drive up demand for the product, which will result in more male doll production. I would call that a win-win-win!

8) ;D 8)
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