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Information on using the Gallery
« on: December 12, 2016, 04:52:13 PM »
Information on using the
Coppermine Photo Gallery

software version 1.5.46 issued  20 Feb 2017
Updated 5 July 2018

      Be advised that I did add other Categories to the Arimecibo Island Photo Gallery. The screenshots below were taken before that. The pictures linked throughout this tutorial may help you to understand the process. Right-click on any picture to open a larger image in a new tab or window.

Getting Started

     This is mostly to acquaint new users with getting started in using the Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG). You cannot self-register for a gallery. This keeps out people who are not registered on the forum, and cuts down on those who want to spam our people with unwanted advertisements. To request a free gallery, send a Personal Message (PM) to noquiexis, the Gallery Administrator. Once you are approved for a gallery you can create albums in that gallery and begin to upload pictures.

     If you have used a previous version of Coppermine Photo Gallery, then this tutorial will help bring you up to speed.

Go to You should see this screen.

The Landing page is where you land when you first come to the gallery.
This is a good page to bookmark in your web browser.

Landing page with mouse hovering over "Register" button.

Top and bottom of the Registration screen

     Once you are approved, you need to log into the Coppermine Photo Gallery. The gallery requires a separate login from the forum. You do not need to log into the forum to log into the Coppermine Photo Gallery. It may help to have this tutorial web page open in one browser tab or window, and the Coppermine Photo Gallery web page open in another tab or window.

     Enter your username and password. If they are different than the username and password that you used to register for the forum, be careful using the right set for the gallery. Click the "Login" button.

Coppermine login procedure

This page shows the gallery when you are not logged in. Click the "Login" button next to the "Register" button.

Typical login page

Gallery page seen as logged in

     On the CPG web page, look for "Upload file" in the navigation section under coppermine gallery in the upper left corner. If you do not see "Upload file", then you are not logged into the CPG. If you are logged into the CPG, then continue to “Creating Albums”.

     There was a problem with the version of software in use at Our Doll Community which may not be present in this version. If you cannot log into the Coppermine Photo Gallery, log out of the forum. This will prevent you from having problems logging into the forum at a later time. Clear your internet browser cookies and try to log into the CPG again. You do not need to log into the forum to log into the Coppermine Photo Gallery. If for any reason you need to change your CPG password, login to the CPG and go to the "My profile" link. Other things may be added or changed here as well.

Creating Albums

Go to the "My profile" link. From the drop down menu, click on "Create/order my albums"

Click the "New album" button to get started.

Type in a name for your album here.

Your new album is created.

If you click on the "My gallery" button now, you will see that no pictures have been uploaded to this gallery.

     Click the "Upload file" link (up in the page navigation area). You will be asked what album you wish to upload your pictures to. If you have pictures for several albums, you can sort them out during the uploading process.

Uploading pictures

Select which album where you want to place your pictures.

The upload page before any files are selected.

Hold CTRL to select a few files to upload.

You could select the entire directory of pictures.

     "Complete" means that ImageMagic is generating the normal_ and thumbnail_ images. These will scroll off when done. I recommend that you not hit "Continue" until they have all scrolled off.

     If any picture fails to upload, write down the filename and upload again. If it says "Too Big", then resize the picture.

     Add Title, Description, and Keywords that will help the search function find your pictures. If this is a doll picture, you may add the details in the next four boxes. If any information is the same for multiple pictures, you can copy and paste for all similar pictures.

     The top and bottom of these pages have a "Apply changes" button. Whatever you add or change on this page will be logged into the Coppermine database, then you will be returned to this same page.

     If you moved pictures to another album before hitting "Apply changes", then those pictures will not reappear on this page now. If you uploaded more than 25 pictures, then the next pictures that you uploaded will scroll up to this page, replacing the pictures that you moved to other albums.

     If you uploaded more than 25 pictures, but did not move any to other albums before hitting "Apply changes", then go up to the top of the page and hit "See next files". Note the URL in your browser's address window. That bit about "&newerthan=(some number)" indicates that you are only working with the files that you just uploaded. Other files already in that album will not be affected.

     Notice also a series of icons with check boxes just above the thumbnail image of your pictures. With these, you can
"Delete file"    "Reset view counter"   "Reset votes"   "Delete comments"

     Above all of the pictures is a set of those same icons that will allow you to make changes for that entire page of pictures. Use these wisely.

     If you hit the "My gallery" button now, this is what you will see while logged in to your gallery.

Gallery with pictures

Editing Albums and Pictures

     To modify/delete album properties or pictures, click one of these buttons: "Delete" "Properties" "Edit files". The "Edit files" button will take you to a page like you just saw in the "Uploading pictures" section. The "Delete" button will delete the entire album. The "Properties" button will take you to the next section.

Album properties

     You will also see the "Album Properties" button on the "Edit files" page now, or when you edited the files as part of the upload process.

Add or change Album properties

     Album properties are about the album itself. Here you may select any of your albums. You can change the Title of the album, change the Category of the album (if allowed),  add a Description of the contents of that album, add Keywords for the search function, change the thumbnail (defaults to "Last uploaded"), and change the viewing permissions for the album as a whole.

     If you make any album totally private ("Me only" option), you can still link to the pictures in that album for posts on the forum. The other options will allow "Everybody" or members of any group to which you have access.

     Note: I am still trying to figure out how to have members self-register for a specific category or group. One of my goals is to make this Coppermine Photo Gallery family-friendly and work safe, while still allowing content from Our Doll Community members who register here.

     Permissions for this album will allow you to decide viewing options (who can see your pictures) in this particular album, but not for the whole of your gallery. We at Our Doll Community had a member try to post a few private pictures (at our suggestion) and found out that all of management can see the pictures, but that neither regular members nor guests could see them. This is a security feature of the software that allows moderators to edit the galleries. Stick to the established rules and your pictures will be safe! You can add a password and password hint if you like. Please write these down somewhere! You may also elect to have comments and ratings for your pictures.

     Each album in a gallery may be set to one of three viewing options. (See "Add or change Album properties" above.)

Option 1
Everybody - anyone can view the album even if they are not logged into the Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Note about the CPG index: If any of the albums in a member's gallery are set to Everybody, then that member's name will always show on the CPG index page. Any albums in that gallery that are set to the other two options will only show according to those options.

Option 2
Me only - only the gallery owner (and management) can see this album, and only when that owner (or management) is logged into the Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Note about the CPG index: If all of the albums in a member's gallery are set to Me only, then that member's name will never show on the CPG index page. No one but the gallery owner (and management) will ever see the gallery.

Option 3
Members of the 'Registered' group - only people who are logged into the Coppermine Photo Gallery and are members of a particular group may view the albums.

Note about the CPG index: If any of the albums in a member's gallery are set to Members of the 'Registered' group, then that member's name will show on the CPG index page to those who are logged into the Coppermine Photo Gallery. Unregistered guests will not see any album so designated.

     Regardless of how you set the options for an album in your gallery, you can still link to the pictures in that gallery. These picture links can be used to place your pictures in messages on the forum, as well as anywhere on the internet. You cannot watermark pictures with the Coppermine Photo Gallery software, but watermarking pictures before uploading is allowed. Some photo editing packages do provide this feature.

     Some members have galleries, but have no pictures in them. These empty galleries (no albums, or no pictures in the albums) will not show on the CPG index page.

Crop and Rotate

     With this version of Coppermine Photo Gallery, you can crop and rotate pictures after they have been uploaded. Although it is recommended that you do this before uploading, you may find that it is a handy feature of the software.

Picture as uploaded

Picture rotated

Picture as uploaded

Picture cropped

     I have not played with the comments yet, but it does appear that you can use smileys in them. I have rated any pictures, either. In my opinion, rating your own pictures is not a good idea.

How Coppermine Handles Pictures

    The Arimecibo Island Photo Gallery has three Categories: User galleries, Arimecibo Island Members, and Our Doll Community Members. It makes little difference where members put their albums. The software behaves the same way for all. This tutorial will focus on the User galleries category.

     Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) software version 1.5.46 has many improvements over the version (1.4.25) used at Our Doll Community. CPG has always assigned a User ID number to each user. Newer CPG versions also create a separate directory ("folder") with that user's User ID. The advantage of this is that if two or more users upload pictures with the same filename, those filenames can remain unchanged.*

     When you upload a picture to the Coppermine Photo Gallery, the software creates a "thumbnail_" sized image and a "normal_" sized image. If you upload a picture with the filename "_MG_3638d_sm.JPG", then these three pictures will be in your user directory ("folder"):             <-- full sized picture. <-- resized "normal_"  <-- resized "thumb_"

     Note how either "normal_" or "thumb_" is prepended to your resized picture's filename. Note also that the newer versions of CPG include the user directory "/10001" in the URL.

* Note: Each user has a separate directory ("folder") where their pictures are stored on the server. If you upload two or more pictures with the same filename (and to the same directory), Coppermine Photo Gallery will append a marker to the second and subsequent filenames. See the two examples below.

Note the ~0 marker that was appended to the filename of the second example picture. Subsequent filenames would have the markers ~1, ~2, ~3 and so on.

Index pages

     The Coppermine Photo Gallery home page displays the name of the gallery (Arimecibo Island Photo Gallery), a list of Categories, followed by Random files, and Last additions. Next to the Categories is the number of Albums and Files in each Category.

     Each of the Category divisions (Example User galleries) displays a list of users who have user galleries in that category. A list of icons (thumbnails) link to the user's personal galleries. Under each icon is the user's name, which links to the user's gallery profile. Under that is the number of albums in that user's account, followed by the number of files (pictures) in all of the user's albums.

20 album(s)
3430 file(s)

     The user's personal gallery index web page (Example: noquiexis) displays a list of icons (thumbnails) for that user's albums. Clicking on an album name or icon will take you to that album. Example: Feodora Set 4

Server Note: All of noquiexis' photos are physically located in "public_html\coppermine\albums\userpics\10001" on the server. The URL above is how the Coppermine database interprets the "Feodora Set 4" album.

     If you click on the album name or the icon for "Feodora Set 4", you will see the web pages for album. Those web pages contain thumbnail images of the pictures in that album. Each page contains 12 thumbnail images (150 pixels wide).

     If you right-click on the thumbnail for picture _MG_3638d_sm.JPG and check "Properties", you will see the "Address: (URL) for that thumbnail:
If you let your mouse cursor hover over any thumbnail, you will see the Filename, File size, Dimensions, and Date added.

The photos

     If you click on the thumbnail for picture _MG_3638d_sm.JPG, you will go to a web page that displays the album position1 of that image (FILE 223/230), the "normal_" resized image, and a film strip showing the thumbnails for the photos in the album positions on either side of that picture. (See "Server Note" above) There is a list containing "File information" below the film strip. See the Server Note above about that URL given in the list.

     If you click on the "normal_" for picture displayed for _MG_3323d_sm.JPG, this will open a frame that displays the full sized picture.

Apparently "Full Size" is limited to what can fit on your screen without scrolling. Clicking on the picture again will close the frame.

     This frame is just another browser window that only displays the picture. It is not the picture itself. If you post this as a link on the forum, people can navigate to it just like any other web page. If you post this link as an image, it will not show the picture. The actual full sized picture link is

1Note: If you add pictures to an album, the album positions of the images may be changed. It is not recommended that you use album position links for your forum posts.


     Since there is no Help file for Coppermine Photo Gallery users (other than administrators), this information is based on experience. There is a forum, but even that is for people who install and maintain the software. I could be wrong, so others are welcome to add or correct any of the information. I do hope this is of some help to new (and some not-so-new) folks here!

     If you have a gallery off-site (not at Arimecibo Island) and you wish to have that website listed on the forum here, please contact a moderator and request that your link be added to the Off-site links board.

     Whether you keep your pictures here or on another website, you may want to post a few of them in your messages on the forum. Look here to find out how you can do that.

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