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Question from Davecat
« on: May 29, 2019, 09:29:18 PM »
Question from Davecat

     Davecat (Twitter, Shouting to hear the echoes blog) is considered by many to be the Doll Ambassador due to him having given many interviews. He is not averse to appearing on camera, and is quite public about his love for artificial women.

     He recently asked me about doll owners' reactions to being public about the hobby. With his permission, I post his question and my reply.

     Davecat wrote, "Speaking of iDollator culture, here's a question for you: why do you think most iDollators are averse to having more of a public presence, in the context of the culture, not necessarily as individuals? Personally, most of the things I'm keen on lean towards the obscure, as I feel that those interests are more 'mine' if fewer people know of them, but the one thing I would love to see become a mainstream thing would be iDollator/robosexual culture. If there are more of us that let traditional society know there's nothing wrong with the partners we choose, perhaps more people would be open to joining our ranks. I realise that's being far too optimistic about human nature overall, but I'm allowed five minutes of optimism every month, so there's that sorted."

My reply:

     While most doll owners think of real women as 'people', I believe that in the back of their minds, they still think of dolls as sex objects. Most bought dolls for sex, but realized later that they are much more than that. Since they associate dolls with sex, they expect the general public to do the same. I believe this is an error (paranoia), and that belief exists only in the minds of doll owners. We are mistakenly taught that sex is something dirty or sinful, which is wrong on both counts. Sex is a requirement for the continuation of our species. Anybody's god who believes sex to be sinful only has himself to blame, since that god designed the system.
     Some doll owners have stated that they believe family, friends, neighbors, and employers would think less of them, disown them, or fire them if these people knew that they have a doll at home. They do not know this for sure, but they think it to be true. My thought is that what I do in the privacy of my home is my business, not theirs. If they cannot accept me for who I truly am, then they are not worth my time.

     Some people say "doll", "manikin", "love doll" and call themselves a "doll lover". "Sex doll" and the even worse "fuck doll" or "doll fucker" is self-debasing language. People who think that of dolls or themselves must perceive that the general public would do the same. No married person thinks of his wife (or her husband) as a "fuck woman" (or "fuck man"). If they did, they would not stay married for long!
     Popular fiction, including television and movies, has been preparing the public conscious to accept dolls, robots, and cyborgs for decades, if not centuries. Many doll owners have artificial plants and artificial animals, some of which are quite realistic. Why do they draw the line at artificial humans? They may have paintings and sculptures of women or men, but still have a problem with rubber sculptures of humans. My motto is: "We do not objectify women. We personify dolls!"
     You, I, and folks like us see dolls for the beautiful works of art that they are. To some degree, we associate them with living people, the same as those paintings and sculptures. We are not "lonely, horny old men", so it would not be impossible for any of us the form romantic relationships with women. We simply choose not to do so. Many women choose not to marry, whether or not they date anyone. Either they choose career over family, or they do not want to burden themselves with another human. Some single men and some single women foster or adopt children, and that is enough for them. A lot of people have living animals as pets, and think of those pets as though they are family.
     With your permission, I would like to post your question and my reply (above) on the forums. People fear what they do not know, or what they perceive to be true. Education is the only defense against fear.

Follow-up email to Davecat,

      I am too much within myself - I prefer time spent alone.
     Sex is not a big thing for me. I 'tried' all of the dolls I have owned, but found sex with them to be more work that it was worth. I still enjoy the companionship, and I do give Feodora an occasional hug and kiss. Most of the time she is just 'room decoration'. It will not bother her if she is ignored for days at a time. I never change her clothes except for a photo shoot. She has been wearing the same pantyhose for years. (I never take them off of her.) I do change her brassiere occasionally (she has four colors) to match her dress or top.
     Feodora stands next to 'my' computer (picture from 9/3/2017) all the time except for photo shoots. ("Feodora's computer" picture). Anyone who comes to the apartment will see her. It is a testament to the Camp / incred doll stand that she is on it almost always.

Davecat responded,

"  Thanks for the answers you'd provided! All of the points you'd mentioned are ones that I'm (all too) aware of, but I was asking you to see if there's any perspective I may have missed. It goes without saying that you can totally post my question on ODC, of course! I need to pop in and see the responses! I need to pop in, in general...

  Like you, I prefer to be alone 90% of the time. Unlike you, I'm quite keen on sex. :-) With a Doll, and in the future, with a Gynoid, I'm able to enjoy both aspects of life — wonderful, fulfilling lovemaking, as well as being alone whenever the urge strikes me. Frankly, it's the best of both worlds, and it's mindboggling why more people aren't iDollators/robosexuals! But we've covered that.

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