Author Topic: Recent discussion elsewhere about a warning from google chrome  (Read 167 times)

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I noticed an almost two year old topic 'somewhere else' getting revived by a new user. My 'two cents':

I am more concerned about the google chrome browser damaging my system or stealing personal data (like financial information) than I am about some unspecified 'deceptive site'. I am perfectly capable of recognizing such sites on my own. On the other hand, on the rare occasions I use chrome, specifically on a 'sandbox' computer that I've set up just to use untrusted software like chrome, I frequently see chrome using my personal data, usually cookies, in a matter that I would prefer it didn't. Hence the need for a sandbox.

I run with javascript turned off (cookies turned off except for specifically white-listed sites, too). Having read many www security alerts and constantly monitoring cpu and network traffic on my computers, I'm fairly confident I'm 'safe' from 'criminal' intrusion. I don't think anyone is safe from intrusion regarded as 'legitimate' from sources like google, facebook, microsoft, apple, etc. Personally I never touch such 'social media' sources of intrusion or surveillance as instagram or twitter. Do I give up lots of 'function' most people take for granted? Hell, yes. Do I miss that function? Hell, no. BTW, arimecibo works just fine without javascript. So do gmail, google's search functions and facebook if you know where the javascript-free 'back door' is. I DO have to allow cookies on those sites but I restrict them to 'session cookies'.

When I die with me goes one of the miniscule minority of people who think privacy is more desirable than pop-up ads (no matter how hot the model in the bikini in the pop-up ad is :P)

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Re: Recent discussion elsewhere about a warning from google chrome
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2019, 09:30:13 AM »
     On the topic in question, Deceptive site ahead WARNING google chrome (started on: September 05, 2017), I like Camp's response to quincybatten's first ever post on ODC: "Spoken like a true spammer...".

     Years ago, I frequented a website called (enter at your own risk) to gain information on that belief system. The site became infested with a browser hack program that prevented users from leaving the web page (countless pop-up repeats of the page), demanded payment to release the user's computer, and increased the computer boot time (boot menu) from my user-set thirty seconds to a full five minutes.* Luckily I was able to locate and delete the malicious code.

     Chance are that the website owner or his web host has cleaned out the bullshit code, but I have never gone back to see. The moral of this story is that even trusted websites can be hacked. Be ever vigilant!

     The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has a "Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)" at  I looked for an international cybercrime agency like Interpol and found Who conducts cybercrime investigations? from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

     Users of internet-capable devices are highly encouraged to find and install some sort of anti-virus and internet protection software. the few bucks that it will cost can save you hours or days of grief. By no means should users be over-confident that these programs will stop every hacker in the world. You must use these tools wisely.

*Dell Inspiron 530 (2009) with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer

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