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Manufacturers and vendors
« on: August 23, 2019, 07:55:03 AM »
Note to manufacturers and vendors

     Manufacturers and vendors of dolls and doll-related products, other than TPE products, are restricted to one (1) sales topic on The Auction Block. Anything they want to change or add must be on that one (1) topic. Posting multiple sales topics will be considered as spamming.
     Manufacturers and vendors are not allowed to put website sales links in their signatures. Any such links will be removed. A second offence will result in that account being banned.
     Manufacturers and vendors, other than those who deal in TPE products, are welcome to participate in discussions on any board so long as they comply with these rules.


     It has been noted on other doll-related forums that some manufacturers and vendors spam the boards of those forums with advertisements. This includes adding a website sales link to their signatures, and then starting or replying to topics just to give that website link maximum coverage. Such behavior is not allowed here

     The registration agreement and the Island Rules both prohibit spamming. Those who deal in TPE-related products got so bad at it that they are absolutely restricted to one (1) topic on one (1) board. Here that board is TPE Marketplace.

     It is not the intention of the website owner that members never see links to the products that they want. That would defeat one of the reason why they join forums like this. Manufacturers and vendors should be glad that they get free advertising at all. They should also remember that this is NOT their sales floor.

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