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Online behavior
« on: September 18, 2020, 12:01:44 PM »
     Anytime the management of any online forum is not neutral toward any forum member, manufacturer, supplier, or vendor without stating the specific cause for partiality, that forum management is corrupt. Opinions are allowed, so long as they are expressed respectfully.

     Almost all of these forums have a non-harassment clause built into the Terms of Service. Stating a negative opinion is helpful only if there is provable cause for that opinion. Some manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors have better track records in customer service, including timely delivery of purchased goods. Potential buyers have a right to know this.

     That notwithstanding, no one has the right to berate another because of personal prejudice or "brand loyalty". Any such forum member should face disciplinary action if they do so.

     Forum owners have the responsibility to their membership to insure that all forum members are treated with respect. This includes disciplinary action against any forum member who does not abide by the Terms of Service. There are people who have a proven track record, on other forums, who are forbidden to have a membership here. Some who were members here have been banned for the protection of other members.

     Forum owners and managers should have the ability to accept criticism, and to make changes based on that criticism. Taking lessons from other online forums, I built safeguards into the Arimecibo forums. One of those safeguards is that any member of management here has Admin rights equal to mine. Any member here has the right to contact any forum administrator if they have a grievance against the forum owner (noquiexis).*

     Part of the reason for giving other administrators equal rights to mine is for future needs. I might not always be available if there is a problem or need that should be addressed. Any Admin could take over if I should kick off (die) or become incapacitated. Any Admin can make changes to the forums, including forum layout (Categories and Boards), software upgrades, and database management.

*  Not everyone can get email, including PM notifications, from this website. If you cannot contact an administrator here, leave a PM here stating the request, and make another PM on any other forum that they frequent. That second PM should advise them to check their PMs here.

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Re: Online behavior
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2020, 06:20:27 AM »
Harassment is in the eye of the beholder or, in cases like this, the eye of the forum moderators. The English-language sex doll forums I am aware of are TDF, ODC, and UK. Each has an 'inner circle' of people who 'run the show'. That inner circle has certain 'standards' and attitudes. I have been banned for years at TDF and ODC for what I perceive as 'telling it like it is', no insults, just pointing out certain 'inconvenient truths' (ouch! - Al Gore is only good for catch phrases!). I'm not banned at UK. However the standards and attitudes there apparently include sufficient contempt for Sinthetics (the business, not the dolls) that after months of insults and harassment, the end result was fully suppressing my attempt to sell an order for a deeply discounted new doll direct from the manufacturer.