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Linking to Photos in The Doll Album
« on: December 12, 2016, 04:56:51 PM »

     This message is for people with dolls in The Doll Album. If you want to link to your own image, but do not know the URL for that image, this is how you find it.

     You will need to navigate to your own gallery in the User Galleries, then open the gallery page that you want. If you right-click on an image in the page view (25 images), then click "Properties", you can get the filename and URL for the thumbnail image.
     For example: To see pictures of Mechwizard's Zara, navigate to page

     The properties for one image on that page is
and the image link will show this thumbnail:

     Clicking on that image will take you to the normal image view, currently in position 21:
     (NOTE: Image number positions are subject to change when new images are added to the gallery. If an image changes postion in the gallery, the picture URL will not change!)

     Otherwise, you can take the thumbnail image URL and change the "thumb" to "normal", you can get this:
and the image link will show the 'normal' sized image:

     If you want to post a link to the full-sized image, use the thumbnail image URL and remove the "thumb_" part as in this example:

     If your image filename begins with an underscore, as all of mine do, be careful to not remove your underscore, or the link will not work. "thumb__MG_5325_sm.JPG" becomes "_MG_5325_sm.JPG" Note the two underscores after 'thumb" in the first filename.

     I used Mechwizard's doll Zara for these examples because A) she's hot!  :P, B) Zara has always been one of my favorite dolls, and C) Mechwizard is not currently a member of Our Doll Community. By the way, if you ever link to another person's picture, be sure to give that person and that website proper credit.

     To get the complete list of filenames and URL's for your own images, navigate to your pages and save the page views (25 images) for each page in your album. The individual images will still have the embedded links to your 'normal' view images, and you can either link to the page that the image is on, of link directly to the image using the work-around presented above.

     For more information, please see this post: Placing Pictures in a Post. The bottom of that post will link back to this page. For those not savvy in computer lingo, I suggest saving these two pages on your hard drive for future reference.

:) :) :)


Update: 29 June 2010

     On a whim, I checked into my albums at The Doll Album. I found that, although the album numbers have changed, ( Esperanza's album is now located at URL ), the links to the individual pictures remain the same. The link will show this picture:

     Some websites, such as The Internet Movie Database go to great lengths to prevent visitors from hijacking their pictures, most of which are protected by copyrights. Some folks who have pictures at The Doll Album have had those pictures used without permission on other websites, mostly because their picture are better than those from the manufacturers! Be careful about linking to pictures in places other than the Our Doll Community galleries.

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