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Monthly Photo Challenge Administration
« on: December 12, 2016, 05:05:31 PM »

Monthly Photo Challenge Administration

     Our Doll Community has several photo contests and challenges. The longest continuously-running "contest" is the monthly photo challenge located in The Art Gallery. The challenge is to create a new picture, or supply a recently created picture that fits the theme of the challenge for that month.

     Traditionally, there have been no cash or prizes for the winners of this challenge. People who win this challenge have their winning picture featured here: Monthly Photo Challenge Winners. This picture will stand for one month, then will remain on the index below the winning picture.

     The winner is also asked to administer the challenge for the following month. Having different people choose the theme keeps things fresh. The winner may decline this opportunity, which has happened in the past. There are many reasons why someone may not wish to administer a challenge, and there is no shame in declining the offer.

     Generally two or three threads are employed. The first thread is for the challenge itself. The second thread gathers the pictures together for the voting. The winners may be announced on one of these two threads, or a third thread may be created. It is possible to combine the challenge, voting, and announcing of the winners on one thread, but this tends to be ungainly.

     The first part of challenge administration is:
      1. Create a new thread to announce the theme for the challenge.
      2. Posting of the rules for the current challenge. Moderators will make this thread a "sticky" during the course of the challenge.

     The "rules" (guidelines) were made up over the length of time that the challenges have been running, and are fairly standardized. These rules may be changed by the current administrator if he or she desires to do so. Most people just copy and paste the rules from the last challenge to the current challenge, and change the dates for the posting and voting sessions.

     For general information, a set of guidelines for the rules are posted below. My notes are in blue.

     The challenge is to create a new picture, or supply a recently created picture that fits this theme: (theme of the challenge).

     Feel free to explain your theme in any detail that you wish. Please keep in mind that not everyone has an unlimited budget, and not everyone wants to take his or her doll out in public. The theme must be in compliance with the rules of Our Doll Community.

   1. All photos must be in compliance with all Gallery and Forum rules of Our Doll Community. Nudity and photo editing, including Photoshop are usually allowed. Anything not stated by the current administrator for that challenge is assumed to be allowed.

   2. All types of dolls are welcome. (regardless of sex, material, size, or skin color. A vinyl inflatable won once, and small dolls have been entered.)

   3. Photos may contain more than 1 doll. More than one doll owner may collaborate on a photo. Photo credits will be shared by all participants.

   4. In the interest of keeping spontaneity alive, lets see pictures not older than one month.

   5. This months contest will be from (this date) through (this date). (Generally, 25 to 28 days are allowed for the posting of the pictures.)

   6. Voting will begin on (this date) and end on (this date).  Votes will be accepted until (this time). (Closing time is usually midnight on the last day of the voting period.) The winner and runners-up will be announced on (this date). (Generally the last day of the current month.)

   7. The winner and runners up will be selected by the pictures that get the most votes. Please cast a vote for your first, second, and third place choices.

   8. The winner will win the right to choose the theme for the next month's photo challenge.

     The second part of challenge administration is:

      3.  Create a second new thread to gather all of the pictures together so that people can choose their favorite top three.

      4. Collecting the votes, and announcing the winners (win, place, show). This may be done on either the first or second thread, or a third new thread may be created. The order in which the winners are announced is up to the administrator. Some display the first place winner first. Some display the third place winner first for a more dramatic effect.


     Although you may collect votes on the voting thread itself, it may be better to collect them by Private Message (PM). There have been times in the past when some pictures received no votes. The field size may be large, or there may not have been many people casting votes. Many times, folks that do vote forget to cast a vote for their second and third place choices. Collecting votes by PM may keep some folks from being discouraged if their picture did not receive any votes.

     The generally accepted method of scoring votes is to assign points in this fashion:
       First place votes get three (3) points.
       Second place votes get two (2) points.
       Third place votes get one (1) point.

     Using this scoring method, the administrator would count up the total number of points awarded to each picture. The three highest scoring pictures will be declared 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

     If there is a tie for any of the three top slots, the administrator may arbitrarily choose a winner for that slot. This has happened before. Occasionally the tie has been awarded to co-winners for the first, second, or third places. If a tie occurs for the first place winner, both pictures will be placed on the ODC Monthly Photo Challenge Winners page.

     Since there have historically been no cash or prizes for this challenge, the administrator is trusted to accurately tally the votes and announce the winner. To my knowledge, there has not been any disputes over the challenge results.

     There have been unforeseen circumstances that have prevented the administrator from collecting the votes and announcing the winner. In this case, management may step in to ask someone to accomplish this task 'to keep the ball rolling'. If you feel that you may be in this situation, please let someone know as soon as possible.

     This may seem to be a lot of work for a 'contest' with little reward, but it really is not that much. This, like the doll hobby itself, is something that we do 'just for fun'. Our ladies and gents are worth the effort!

Edited March 31, 2016

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