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Terms Defined (Cross Posting)
« on: December 12, 2016, 05:02:09 PM »

     This post is to help members and guests to understand some of the terms used in online forums. There was some confusion about this on the Troll Week thread.

     The webisite has an online forum, a gallery, and a chat room. This particular forum exists to support the life-sized doll hobby. This forum, like all online forums, has subdivided areas.

     In the Simple Machines Forum software, there is a subdivided area called a Category. On the Our Doll Community forum, these Categories are called Town Hall, Main Street, The Doll District, and Our Doll Community - Info Center at the bottom. This may change as categories are added, renamed, or deleted.

     Categories are further subdivided into areas called Boards. Our Doll Community includes Boards like Tech Talk, Dolls in General, and Anatomical Doll. This may change as boards are added, renamed, or deleted.

     Note:  To make things as confusing as possible, some online forums refer to themselves as "Message Boards" (see example).

     This is where the confusion comes in. We tend to refer to a Board as a separate "forum", such as "the Muscle Beach forum".

     A Topic, usually referred to as a thread, is a message that is posted on one of the boards in one of the categories. Topics may contain many posts, which are added by anyone with access to do so. On the Our Doll Community forum, posting is limited to registered members. Most of the posts, topics, boards, and categories may be viewed by anyone, whether thay are registered or not. Some of these are restricted to membergroups (such as management) that have permission to view and post in that area.

     Cross posting is defined posting the same message (such as a photo shoot) on more than one board. An example might be posting a photo shoot on the Anatomical Doll board and posting that same photo shoot on The Art Gallery board on the same website (the same forum).

     As with other online forums, we have a rule here against doing that. The content of online forums can grow to several gigabytes, and duplicate posts only add to the burden on the webserver, which adds operating costs to the websites hosted on that server. It does not mean that you cannot post the same message verbatim on another website (another forum). No one, other than the author, has the copyright to originally generated content. Any website that claims ownership of it's membership content is stealing that content, unless the author was contracted under a "paid for hire" deal.

     Some websites have special topics, such as an "Introducing New Members" thread so that welcome messages are not scattered all over the website. This tends to help reduce the possibility of unintentional duplication.

     None of the moderators or administrators here have the time to review all of the websites (forums) to see if the posts here are repeated elsewhere. I doubt if the mods and admins on the other websites have the time to devote to such an enterprise. Only a seriously paranoid control freak would even think to do such a thing.

     I hope this makes things as clear as mud! :)

The Mod Squad
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     The idea of cross posting (on this website only) has to do with an entire post or photo shoot as a set. Posting individual pictures in various places on this website does not violate the 'no cross posting' rule. If it did, Camp would not be able to post his Dot-Spam, and others would not be able to post their pictures on the contest threads and then other places at the same time.

     Members would be very put off if they were looking for a particular doll and could not find a picture of that doll on that doll's manufacturer board.

     You may post the same picture in the manufacturer's board, the Art Gallery, the Dolls in General board and the contest threads simultaneously. So long as the context of the post is not an exact duplicate, then you should be safe.

     Management here has no control of what you post on another website. Copying an entire post or photo shoot to another website is NOT cross posting. I have done this myself on three other doll-related forums. Although I have not been back to The Doll Forum since I made my Last Post there, I assume that the photo shoots of the Anatomical Doll Feodora are still there. If those posts have been removed, then the management of that website has done nothing except rob their membership of seeing those photos.

     We try to stick to the "spirit of the law", not the "letter of the law". I do see that the wording of that paragraph is as little fuzzy. It contains two separate ides in one sentence, namely coss posting and linking. The paragraph should be reworded.

muzza wrote:
A partial solution I know may be to have all the photos of a particular doll grouped in the gallery. In my case this would mean uploading and duplicating a photo in galleries of three separate forums.

     Again you were stumped by the ambiguity of the paragraph mentioned above. My posts at the other three websites have links leading to photos posted only in the gallery on this website. Linking to a photo is, to the best of my knowledge, allowed on all of the doll-related websites that I have visited.

     It is true that our recent problems with the Coppermine Photo Gallery software prevented any off-site linking back to Our Doll Community. That problem has been found and corrected. Both Camp and I were distressed by this bug, as were the people in our chat room. We are relieved that it has been squashed!

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